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Seungri, a member of group Big Bang, has been picked up as an MC for two TV programs in Japan, YG Entertainment, Seungri's agency, said on Aug. 3. According to the agency, Seungri will MC the real variety program "V.I. FROM BIGBANG" on the Japanese music channel Space Shower TV. Seungri is making the program in his own style at 10 p.m. on Thursday since the first episode was broadcast on Aug. 2. Seungri has also been selected as a special MC in Fuji TV's music variety program "Sakigake! Ongaku Banzuke Eight." An official from YG Entertainment said, "Seungri recently appeared in the program and interviewed Shun Oguri, a Japanese actor and Exile member Akira." He added, "The production team saw Seungri's activities and then selected him as a special MC." According to YG, Seungri's pro-active behaviour, such as posting his daily report in Japanese on the Big Bang Mobile fan club "BIGBANG☆WORLD", attracted the attention of the Japanese broadcasting officials. The YG official said that as Seungri had studied Japanese hard, he would do well in his MCing. Seungri has been engaging in his individual activities after Big Bang's Japan Tour in June. As well as his activities in Japan, at the same time he will participate in the Big Bang's world tour "Galaxy Tour Alive 2012."
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