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The Great Doctor a.k.a Faith (Korean Drama) Ep 3 - LIVE Recap

Ep 1 Recap: Ep 2 Recap: Cast: Lee Min Ho as Choi Young Kim Hee Sun as Yoo Eun Soo Yoo Oh Sung as Gi Cheol Lee Philip as Jang Bin Ryu Duk Hwan as King Gong Min Park Se Young as Princess Nogook Sung Hoon as Chun Eum Ja Shin Eun Jung as Hwa Soo In Lee Byung Joon as Jo Il Sin START Just a little reminder, ES is now trying to save CY, because she (accidentally) stab him with his sword. She is now debating with JB. JB said, "you stabbed him earlier. How can I trust someone who tried to kill him to save him again??!!" ES said, "you all said that i was sent from heaven. So trust me!" GC (the bad guy) issss reeealllly mad, knowing that the princess is still alive. OHH Sung Hoon (as Eum Ja) is here!!! his hair is white and long!!! He said, "Because of this thing, I can't sleep well these days. I only give you 3 days. Take care of it. This is not my actual plan." Meanwhile, ES happened to stab CY's liver, so she is trying to cure him now. The surgery went soo long, and the next day, CY finally woke up!!!! ES is asleep in the chair. CY struggled to wake up and was trying to take his sword. ES was surprised and took a knife from the table, "What are you trying to do??!! Drop your sword!!" CY said, "what are you planning? are you going to stab me again? and save me? and stab me again?" The guards came in and CY asked, "The king, where is he?" The guard said, "you were unconcious for 1 night, you are supposed to rest and not to move." ES insisted too. She said, "I told you not to move! Before you fart, you are not allowed to eat!" CY almost pass out again, saying, "if we don't move now, all of us will die. I promised to take you back to where you belong. So please stay alive." ES said, "where are we going? I don't want to go. I'm not leaving!" I understand why she is not leaving. It's because she want to stay close to the heaven's gate. But finally they are leaving the place. In some other place, a lady come (I guess this is Hwa Soo In). A guard reported to that lady, that the King and other people already ran away. SI is really not happy about that!! Guard said, "I believe that they can't ran away fast. We can chase them." But SI said, "Did you betray us? did you get any bribery from them? You made me come here. If I'm here, it means it's too late." OHHH and she use this inner power, and that guard just dead with his face burn. Meanwhile, ES is now together with Princess NG inside the cart. ES asked her, "what's your name? where do you come from?" Princess NG said, "I'm Nogook, princess of Won nation." ES said, "Whoaa, if you are from Won, so where are we from? Goryeo? Shilla? hehehe, I'm sorry~ I'm a doctor, but I'm really weak with history." NG said, "Sorry, because of me, they make you come here." Meanwhile GC is having a talk now with his people. He is saying, "those nobles have antenne and they already have direction where to go...I'm really curious about what they plan and where they are going...." It came back to the cart where the princess is in now with ES. ES looked at her face on a mirror made from that era, and ES showed the princess the modern mirror, and put some make up on her. She is so embarrased. Now, the group has finally arrived in Goryeo Nation. CY said, "Your majesty, please wait for a moment!" The advisor was REaLLYY upset, saying "A king has arrived here!! Where are all the people??? Why is noone greeting us??? Where are all the officials and noblemen???? This is sooo un acceptable!!" It is really true!! He went to the palace and go to the room, but noone is there! (Everyone else is having a fiesta for Won Nation somewhere else). The king looks so sad TT Suddenly a group of palace maid came and greet them. A senior maid named Choi greet them personally and she turned out to be the person who took care of the King since he was young. That senior maid saw CY and said, "how can someone like you take care of the king? Look at your face so pale." ES looked at him and touched his forehead and said, "you have fever! It might be an infection!" but CY just left. He felt hurt, but he didn't want to let anyone know. ES told the same thing to JB while wandering around the palace. She is also amazed by how big the palace is. CY is hurting now TT all alone. ES explained to JB, "we need penicilin to cure him. it's septicemia (blood poisoning). but we don't have any med like that now. It killed 7 out of 10 people before" The senior maid is now together with the princess. The princess had a flashback about what happen 2 years ago in Won nation. She was in the palace, sitting with the King. The King asked him, "Don't you want to go back to Goryeo?" (The king was mistaken!! He didn't know that the princess is from Won. He thought that she is from Goryeo). OK, so I'll tell you what happen. The king knows that he has to marry a princess from Won, so he told the princess that he hate to be married to a Won princess (not knowing that the girl he is talking to is a Won princess). But he mentioned to the princess that that is the only way to make him as a king. 2 years has passed from before, and even though they are together, the princess was so hurt because she knows that his love for her is not real. ES is now wandering around in the palace. She is requesting a lot from a mute maid serving her. She said, "I'm hungry!! Give me some rice!!" The maid came and served her rice cake. She was asking for water, but the maid told her to take the water herself. CY then told the maid, "I need your help. Please protect her. I promised to protect her. So please bear with her." King, advisor, and CY has this conversation. It happen that all the officials and the person that King trusts have all been killed. They know that GC (the bad guy) is responsible for their death, and the king asked CY whether he can attack GC. The King said, "I consider you as a friend. You take my order and saved me. I trust you." Then he gave him a secret letter and said that, this is the last mission you had to do. So you already finished your mission. You can go now." But before he go, the king give him something to confirm. I think it has something to do with GC. So now CY went to the party held by GC. GC said, "so, you are the person sent by the majesty? Did you bring any present from him?" CY said, "I bring an order from the majesty. So , kneel down, look to the bottom, when you receive the King's order." The guard was about to give the order to GC, but he just grabbed it with one hand. CY said, "let's go to a quiet place to talk." But GC was laughing like a mad person. The King's order is actually to ask CY and GC to work and cooperate together in finding out the mystery of the death of all officials. I think the king want to make this mission as a bait to actually catch GC. Meanwhile, ES said while cry, "what do you want me to do now?? I felt sorry for stabbing you. That's why I saved you. That's why, please receive the treatment." CY said, "I told you not to mind my business. I will do whatever i need myself. And please don't wear something like this anymore (she cut his long pants to be a short pants). I don't know how it works in your nation, but in this nation, but she accidentally touch his hand, and she can feel the fever from his body. She said, "it's above 38 degree. Here, take my aspirin. Eat it to ease ur pain." And sh e left. When CY was alone, he was hurting again.... 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@neaa.. thanks girl...^^
gah... this episode was good, but I don't think LMH is pulling off the Stong and Silent " Man's Man " act....IDK....
hey full video with eng subs is out : )
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The Great Doctor a.k.a Faith (Korean Drama) Ep 10 - LIVE Recap
Ep 1 Recap: 
 Ep 2 Recap: Ep 3 Recap: Ep 4 Recap: Ep 5 Recap: Ep 6 Recap: Ep 7 Recap: Ep 8 Recap: Ep 9 Recap: Here's how's the story starts. Last time, GC showed Hwa ta's diary to ES, cuz he wanted to figure out wat the words mean in it. ES got freaked out after watching the diary. The diary belongs to 21 century, and even her name was in it! wat's happening?! ES gets so surprised and asks if this is really Hwa ta's note a thouand ago. Then she finds her name on it. She begs to GC "plz say tis is dream. This is unbelievable. It can't happen." GC woder why she get freaked out so much. ES says "my name is on it." but she doesn't know why there is her name. Watching numbers, she guess if this is path to her orld back. Then GC says she can't show this note anymore to ES. ES says she have to see it. ES persuade GC "U can't understand the meaning without me. I'll find out it." GC worries if ES go back to her world after finding way from the note. She doubt the words in it was like the words she wrote herself. GC asks to CY "Wat did u see after u went to heaven world to find the great doctor?" GC says "u followed only King's order after going to heaven world? I should have gone there instead of you." CY says "maybe, it would be god's will." CY order his servant go and protect ES. His servant asks "why you don't go yourself?" CY don't answer but say that just runaway togerther if ES is in trouble. In the meanwhile, an emergency patient who feel pain in stomache came to YB. ES went to Go ryeo's hospital and see the patient. ES says she should open his stomach to cure him. Then ES go to GC's home to bring her tools which are needed in surgery back. ES asks to bring her surgery tools back. She persuade "I'm doctor, so I need the tool. If you give me the tool, maybe you can get my heart. Then I will help you to find out the message in the diary and let's go back to heaven world together. but I'm busy right now, so would you just give the note to me now?" GC says "wait a few days, then I will get you out from the Go ryeo palace." At the same time, CY found people who can work for king. He got the people from facility which sell medicine to earn money. CY reminds a dialogue with couple while recruting people for GM. GM says he gonna meet all people who CY recruited for him. CY came to know that ES went to CY's home to find her things back. CY goes to ES and says "why you went to CY's home? do you know how much GM tried hard to get you back from GC?" ES says "I feel sorry of GC's dying. I should have done something as doctor to protect him. But I feel still thankful of you. From now on, I'm gonna behave independently apart from you. Now I think I can handle GC by myself. I will find out about the note, pretending to tell about future to GC." CY gets so worried. but ES says "do not care of me anymore. I'm gonna find my way to back by myself. I've been thankful. Don't fight no more and don't forget to eat sth." CY goes to his servant and orders "You should not let ES go outside ever again." CY's servants are busy doing their job. But GC's servant took off the paper which name of people recruited for king is in. GC saw the people's name, and says if ES is false and she didn't come from heaven, I'm gonna kill the people one by one. Choi servant says "GC feel interested about ES, but once he lose it ES can't be hurt from him." Chio servant tells a story bout GC. GC had a servant which is good at drawing. But oneday, the servant drew GC's face wrong. So he got hurt. After hearing the story, CY asks what he have to do to protect ES from GC. Choi servant worries if CY can protect her well while doing his job. CY goes to couple who found people for king. But couple gets angry because the warriors in palace made their friend get hurt. Then suddenly, GM appears and asks for a shot. ES tells about future to YB like science, water system etc..and Chun Eum Ja tries to hear it. ES says she's gonna the note back after telling the story in future. ES says "actually she didn't come from heaven. I think I came from future." Suddenly, CY's servant comes and disturb Chun Eum Ja. GM went to couple. (The couple is famous for knowing much information about Go-ryeo.) The couple don't want to be participated in King's work, but CM continually persaude them to help him. CY's servant came to know they lost paper which recruited people's name is in it. And CY come to know that Chum Eum Ja can hear a certain sound from faraway. So Es is in danger. While, ES cares princess, she come to know that the patient(Lee Sung Kye) which felt pain in stomach is the king in future in Cho-sun kingdom. ES was about to tell Lee becomes new king in new kingdom in the future. But at the moment CY stops her. ES gets angry because CY stoped her. CY get worried saying that "If you continually talks about future, you will be in danger more." CY order his servant to protect ES. Then CY goes to catch Chun Eum Ja who was hearing ES's saying. After hearing Chun Eum Ja's report, GC is sure about ES really came from heaven. Hwa Su In cares about Chun Eum Ja. She asks about CY if he still follows ES. Hwa Su In says "don't be jealous about CY. He's just one of those guys to me." ES went to see Lee Sung Kye. She checks if he is really the king she thought. CY orders to his servant "go to ES and if she is secure." At th same time Hwa Su In threaten ES to take a walk with her. ES decided her mind to follow HSI. CY's servant came to know ES and Lee Sung Kye were gone. GC went to GM and says "I heard you are finding talented people for you. But I can't let you be more powerful with the people." GC says "I don't understand why you find faithful people. I'm the real one who is faithful, and I'm feel jealous. I wanna kill all of them." Then CY says "if you continually behave this way you will be in danger." but GC also threathen GM and CY, saying he has his way to protect himself. ES gets surprised, seeing that Hwa Su In caught Lee Sung Kye. She threatens "I can kill him." CY says to King "I can kill GC first, then find other way after that." but GM order to drop sword down. GM asks what GC wants. GC says "forgive to find talented people. If you do, they can survive." GC says "I heard that the first person in the paper met a thief who took his life away. and the same with second and third person." CY says he will go to see the situation. (GC's servants are killing people who work for GM) Hwa Su In says "I gotta kill next person. Choose whom you wanna for me to kill. how about CY?" p.s)If you wanna see live recap for 11 ep next monday visit my page and enjoy;)
The Great Doctor a.k.a Faith (Korean Drama) Ep.15-LIVE Recap
Ep 1 Recap:
 Ep 2 Recap: Ep 3 Recap: Ep 4 Recap: Ep 5 Recap: Ep 6 Recap: Ep 7 Recap: Ep 8 Recap: Ep 9 Recap: Ep 10 Recap: Ep 11 Recap: Ep 12 Recap: Ep 13 Recap: Ep 14 Recap: Hi:D Today story starts with this. Last time, DH came to Choi servant and threaten her. He says he made ES use paper with poison and Choi should tell him where ES is to detoxify her. In the meanwhile, ES began to feel sick. Are Choi gonna tell where ES and CY is? Can they be in secure apart from GC?! CY says to ES "wake up" but she doesn't move. JB asks "Does poison alreayd spread in her body?" CY asks "Who did that? You can detoxify, right?" JB says "I don't know what is the poison. I think you gotta go to DH to get antidote from him. There's no much time." Choi orders to servant "protect ES.", while running to GC. CY says to DH "Do you have antidote? Give it. I've killed many people at once, but this time I'm gonna kill you slowly." DH says "there must be no enough time to ES. I heard that you are the only person who know well about palace. If you bring me King's seal, I'm gonna give you antidote." GC orders to servant "stay here until I come back." GM says "Are you fine? I ranaway against law. Step back all from me." CY says "ES feels sick from poison. To get the antidote, I need your seal. With only that, I can survive her. I brought her here and made her stay here becuase of your order. The lady is dying. Give me your seal. DH asks for it." GM says "Are you asking for it becuase of a lady? You told me that I'm ur king." CY says "You said to me I'm your citizen. She needs your seal. Who gave the seal to you?" GM says "You're crazy. You can't do this to me." CY says "If you don't let me, I'm gonna take it away." GM orders "Catch him." CY's servants feel confused about the situation, asking "why we have to stop general?" Second head soldier says "He's now enemy who tries to steal King's seal." He says "I will tell you onemore time. CY can't hurt us, so do whatever we can do to protect seal, ok?" Second head soldier reports to GM "It seems like CY already stole your seal until he meet you. Then by pretending he tries to take it away, he made us to protect wrong place. So he could flee without any disturb." After taking antidote, CY says "Tell me the reason that I should not kill you." DH says "Cuz you need this for several times. She cannot be better at once. And one more, have manners to King in the future." CY asks "Is she being better?" JB says "I gotta her more. I will find if I can get antidote by myself. Talk to her continually. The poison attack nerve, so if you talk to her, she can sense others' existence." DH asks if this is real seal. GC asks "What you want me to do with this?" DH says "Who wanna get ES's heart. She likes CY, and he brought me King's seal." GM says "Do not let the story last night spread. If it happens, then I will punish you." GC orders "Find ES continually. And let DH play with us until he makes mistake by himself." GM says "CY betrayed me. He took off seal. I trusted him.." NK says "Would you tell me what CY told you?" GM says "He brought her because of my order." GM remember that CY said 'who gave the seal to you?' He says to NK "I didn't try to know exactly, but the meaning of seal is from Won country. I was attached to it, saying that I wanna be independent from Won. I cry out everyday that I do work for my citizens. CY is the only citizen that I know face, but I told him 'you're crazy.' " CY says to ES "I taught you how to ride horse and how to use sword. This time I'm gonna teach you how to catch fish." Suddenly ES cries, saying that "don't die." JB says "She survived..!" Choi retainer asks "How's ES? There was worse guy than GC." CY says "I gotta give antidote to ES for 7 times. I will survive her, then let her go to heaven. about following her to heaven? GC must be playing with seal, then servants will converse about it." Choi says "GM realized the meaning of your saying. He's alone right now. Aren't you gonna come back?" CY says "I told you the priority is to survive and bring ES to heaven." CY says "It's my fault. I sent DH to you." ES says "So, you took off seal to get antidote from him. Come here. Let me get up. Sit behind me. I wanna depend on you. I feel stuffy him. I dreamed of sth, and I saw you there. And I finally figured out when heaven's door open. It's after about a month. If I can't go back at that time, door is opened after 67 years. To get back before I die, I have to go back at the day." GC says "My sister who is Queen in Won said that she heard you're not using seal from Won. Aren't you using seal because you lost it? Show it to me, then I will send letter to sister saying it's false story." GM says "I throw it away. I'm King in Go Ryeo, so I will make seal which is suitable for it." GC says "That seems as revenge from King of Won." Servants says "Your behavior can be dangerous. You can make citizens be in danger." GM says "You said we should be independent from Won, but it was just saying. Have you ever asked citizens' opinion? You seems like you're just scared. I need to strength military at boundary." GM says "Be careful not to spread that CY took off seal. If the word spread, he can't comeback." DH says "After few days, GC's soldier will comeback to GC. We should behave before that." JIS says "If I attack GC's home, can you guarantee I'm gonna take GC's position?" DH says "I can do that if I become King. Just do your job well." ES asks for CY "Make me drink it." CY says "I'm gonna meet DH to get another antidote." ES says "Would you ask to him if there's remains in the note? Cuz in my dream, there were more pages." ES says "I can't move my hand." CY asks "What is today's asking? Tell me." DH says "I want you to talk with me about world for all night." CY says "It becomes four days if I stay here tonight." DH says "Ah, yeah that's right. Time is important when it comes to antidote." GC says to CY "Why are you here?" DH says "I made this time. Now CY is my person, so how about spending time together?" JIS says "I sent all soldiers in palace to GC. I did this for King." GM orders "Catch him. He used King's military!" JIS says "I've served you for a long time, but you've never cared of me." GC asks to DH "You just want me to talk here?" Then suddenly, GC's servant says "It's emergency! Soldiers came here!" GC says that "But GM can't do that in the situation that CY doesn't stay next to him. It's DH's idea. I will attack palace if my soldiers from boundary arrive here. All military in palace came here, so it would be easy to attack GM." DH says to CY "If you wanna survive ES, you must not kill me now." Preview of Ep.16) CY says to GM "Runaway!" ES says she needs to meet DH. Preview of Ep.16:
If BTS Were in Boys Over Flowers
Now, I think there are a lot of things wrong with the plot of BoF (mainly the boys treat Jan-di like crap) but its still funto imagine it as a less problematic drama. Here's who I'd cast! Gu Jun Pyo - Suga The leader of the F4 and heir to the Shinhwa Group, one of the biggest companies in South Korea. He is hot-tempered and believes that there is nothing that money can't buy. Though he's unable to express his feelings, deep down, he has a heart of gold. He torments Jan-di after she stands up to his bullying ways, but ends up falling in love with her and will do anything to protect her. Yoon Ji Hoo - V A member of the F4 and the grandson of a former president of Korea. He has a driving phobia after being involved in a car accident that killed his parents and left him the only survivor. He is initially in love with his childhood friend Seo-hyun, who helped him overcome his social anxiety. Calm and gentle, his musical talent catches Jan-di's attention and she begins to develop feelings for him. So Yi Jung - Jungkook A member of the F4 and a skilled potter. His family owns the country's biggest art museum. After losing his first love to his brother, he becomes a Casanova. He eventually changes his playboy ways when he realizes that he likes Ga-eul. Song Woo Bin A member of the F4, his family runs the country's largest construction company, which Woo-bin later admits has strong connections to organized crime. However, he has excellent business sense and is very charismatic. He's a super nice guy that happens to be a gangster lol and of course RM, Jin, and Jimin are the dad, mom, and little brother :) How would you cast BOF?