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Mark and Angel share some great advice--and it's never too late to learn! 1) Love what you love--don't worry so much about what's cool. What excites you? Explore it, own it, and don't worry about what others think. 2) Live YOUR life--again, don't worry about what people think you should be doing (although, as a mom, I'd say if your life is just about partying all the time, then maybe you should listen to others.) 3) Get the right things done. Take responsibility for your own life. Not just work, but personally. What needs to be done to make you the best you? Find time to focus on that. 4) Be present. Put the phone down, and just be. 5) Practice kindness, all the time. 6) Love you, too. Make sure you're kind to yourself. Be honest, but don't be harsh with yourself. 7) Smile at your family. Spend less time working and more with the people you love. It may mean simplifying your life, but in the end, that's what matters. 8) Speak up! Don't hide your thoughts and feelings (but don't be mean, either!) 9) Leave toxic relationships behind. They never get better. 10) Let go of what's gone. Don't spend time wondering how that boyfriend of 4 years ago would work out now. If it's over, take a deep breath, and move on!
thank you! :)
number 9 is hard to do sometimes, but so important!
The first one is most important!!
thank you so much
such valuable advice