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The NYPD has stated that they are cracking down on cyclist breaking the law on the road. As many of you know, NYC is home to many cyclists from commuters to messengers and even enthusiasts. Well, today was the official start on the cycling crack down and what do we find? A bunch of New York's finest standing in the bike lane forcing cyclists onto the street.
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Love how the cop leans his shoulder out towards the cyclist trying to bump him.
Reminds me of the video where the cyclist got a ticket, and proved a point by showing how many obstacles are in bike lanes. It always seems the people who know little to nothing about cycling and safety are always the ones trying to take charge.
makes sense... Dbags. I lived in the city born and raised and cyclist are as much a part of the city as taxi cabs, tourist and skyscrapers.
and people wonder why cyclists get upset.....they're not always in the right but stuff like this happens too often.
an utter idiot. He doesn't even attempt to move out of the way of the cyclist and as @swissjar says, it looks like he even leans out further into the path of the oncoming cyclist... ludicrous
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