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Longboarder crashes into a cow! Both the rider and cow were okay. Amanda Roden, Maryhill Loops Road In Washington. "My friends and I hiked it, we knew there were cows hanging out as we hiked up, I sort of just hoped they would stay on the side of the road.... but apparently cows have the right of way. I think I must've been going 30 to 40 mph. I didn't see them in the road until i went around the corner, by that time I was already about to run into them, I figure it was to risky to try and go around, in case one ran me off the road....where there is a pretty good drop and a lot of rocks, so I put my head down and hoped for the best, I clipped the first cow you see, then I hit the other one, Gopro first and my gopro fell off, ended up with totally ripped pants and a hoof shaped bruise on my leg, plus a scar on my right arm. After that, the cows steered clear of the road, mooing angrily as they ran off. Having just ran into a group of cows you can imagine the amount of adrenaline pumping through my veins.... so my buddies and I hiked it again and made it down just fine the second time around."
need airhorn next time get them going faster lol
Glad theyre both safe!
@hikaymm I'm with you. That would be terrifying
impressed that he went down a second time, that had to be even scarier $
What the hell haha
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