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Girl group f(x)‘s Luna recently celebrated her birthday with the other f(x) members, family, and friends. Luna posted on her me2day account on the 13th KST, “2012.08.12 – I had a very happy and thankful birthday~ To my grandmother and parents, my sister Jinyoung unni who is my other half, Chisoon oppa, the f(x) members, who I will be with forever, and lastly the fans who give me so much love, I want to say thank you. I love you“. In the picture she uploaded, Luna is posing with a birthday cake, smiling widely for the camera in each shot. The f(x) members are crowded around her, smiling as they make peace signs and hearts. Luna is sporting a cute birthday hat to celebrate. Netizens commented, “Luna, happy birthday,” “Her bright smile is so pretty,” and “A family-like shot with the f(x) members. Good to see.” Happy Birthday, Luna! Source + Image: Luna’s me2day
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