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Dubai is all about sunbathing. So there is nothing better than having a swimming pool that not only beautifies the landscape but also serves as a relaxing retreat. The warm weather makes pools even more desirable. But for those seeking a truly private experience, what could be better than having your own place to swim?

There is no doubt that a swimming pool is a great investment. If you are planning a pool for your home or property, here is a beginner's guide to Swimming Pool Maintenance in Dubai.


When it comes to building a swimming pool, it is not as simple as digging a hole and putting water in it. Rather, it is a matter of finding a pool design that fits the space and budget constraints. In addition, every swimming pool carries regular maintenance and care obligations. If the pool is built and maintained properly, it can prove to be a valuable asset.

The following are some important aspects of Swimming Pool Maintenance in Dubai that you should consider.


It is necessary to be clear about the purpose of building a swimming pool. Whether it is for relaxation, sports, entertainment, increased property value and aesthetics, or a combination of these elements. All these aspects play an important role in the construction of a swimming pool.


It is extremely important to have a realistic estimate in advance of the pool you want so that you can secure the budget you need to build it. You can talk to a professional pool company about the cost of adding a pool to your property.


Swimming pools come in many different types. They include.
In-ground or above-ground
Overflow or skimmer
Concrete or fibreglass composite
Painted or tiled
Overflow edge or lane pool, etc.
In addition, landscaping around the pool is needed. A team of professionals can help you choose what is best for your property.


Different areas have different laws and restrictions regarding building a pool on your property. Make sure your pool design complies with zoning restrictions for pools.


Once you have chosen the type of pool and estimated the budget, you can start talking to contractors. This is to find the right company that fits your budget.
Do a thorough search and request quotes from several companies in the area to compare prices. Also, ask for references from people you know who have pools. Be sure to choose a certified pool construction and maintenance company that offers quality service.
In particular, building a swimming pool is one of the biggest investments of your life. So, rely on a reliable Swimming Pool Maintenance Company in Dubai that you can trust.


The investment in building a swimming pool does not end with its construction. You need to keep it clean and make sure it is properly maintained. A poorly maintained pool will not be an attractive place to swim and can pose a serious health hazard to you and your family.

Proper maintenance requires that you are thoroughly clean, test and disinfect the water, and repair and replace damaged or defective equipment. It is best to let professionals take care of these matters.


Planning the construction of a swimming pool can be exciting, but there are many aspects to consider. We always recommend a certified and professional pool maintenance company in Dubai like KABCO to keep your pool shining for years to come.
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How to Keep Your Pool Cover From Sagging
In order to keep your pool's cover from sagging and potentially creating a hazard for both you and your children, follow these tips: 1. Adjust the water level every few weeks to maintain a consistent cover. 2. Replace the cover more often in hot weather, as it will not hold up as well to high temperatures. 3. Avoid putting heavy objects on top of the pool or patio cover, as this can cause it to sag. The Benefits of a Pool Cover Here are some of the benefits of using a pool cover: Energy efficiency: Pool covers can reduce heat loss, helping to keep water warm and lower energy costs associated with heating the pool. Safety: Pool covers can prevent accidental falls into the pool and provide an added layer of security. Water conservation: Pool covers can reduce evaporation and conserve water, making it easier to maintain the water level in your pool. Chemical conservation: Pool covers can reduce the amount of chemicals needed to maintain the pool, saving money and reducing environmental impact. Cleanliness: Pool covers can help keep leaves, debris, and other contaminants out of the water, making it easier to keep the pool clean. Algae prevention: Pool covers can reduce exposure to sunlight, which can prevent algae growth and make maintenance easier. Easy maintenance: Pool covers can simplify maintenance by making it easier to clean, skimming, and adding chemicals. Longer pool season: Pool covers can extend the pool season by protecting the water from cool temperatures and allowing you to enjoy your pool for a longer period. Reduced noise: Pool covers can reduce noise by absorbing splashes and other sounds, making it more pleasant to be near the pool. Improved appearance: Pool covers can enhance the overall appearance of your pool and landscaping by providing a neat and clean look. Increased property value: Installing a pool cover can increase the value of your property, making it more attractive to potential buyers. Reduced insurance costs: Installing a pool cover can reduce the risk of accidents, which may result in lower insurance costs. Customization options: Pool covers come in a variety of colors, sizes, and materials, allowing you to choose the one that best fits your pool and personal preferences. Easy installation and removal: Pool covers are easy to install and remove, making it convenient to switch between use and storage. In conclusion, a pool cover offers numerous benefits that can improve the overall function and appearance of your pool, making it a valuable investment for any pool owner. Whether you're looking to save money, improve safety, or simplify maintenance, a pool cover is a great choice for making the most of your pool. How to Keep Winter Pool Cover From Sagging When winter rolls around, the last thing you want is for your pool to sag in the middle. Here are a few tips to help keep your pool cover from sagging: 1. Make sure your pool is properly maintained 2. Keep the caulking aired and in good condition 3. Use a poolcover pump to circulate water 4. Remove leaves and other debris from the pool surface 5. Water the pool regularly and avoid using chlorine 6. Wait until February to flip the cover How to Keep Above Ground Pool Cover From Sagging 1. Make sure to backfill pool regularly 2. Trap any rainwater runoff 3. Install underground drainage 4. Make sure the yard is stable and level Over time, an above ground pool can lose its tension on the pool cover and sag. This can allow your pool to be exposed to the elements and make it difficult to care for. There are a few things that you can do to keep your pool cover in good condition and avoid sag. How to Keep in Ground Pool Cover From Sagging Here are some tips to keep an in-ground pool cover from sagging: Proper sizing: Make sure the pool cover is the right size for your pool to reduce excess material that could cause sagging. Tightening the straps: Tighten the straps that secure the cover to the deck or pool coping regularly to keep it taut. Water removal: Remove any standing water from the cover as soon as possible to reduce weight and prevent sagging. Proper storage: Store the cover properly when not in use to maintain its shape and prevent stretching or sagging. Supporting poles: Use supporting poles to redistribute weight and keep the cover evenly stretched over the pool. Air pillows: Place air pillows under the cover to provide extra support and prevent sagging in low-lying areas. Professional installation: Consider hiring a professional to install the cover to ensure it is done correctly and without sagging. How to Keep de Pool Filter Grids Cover From Sagging Here are some tips to keep pool filter grids from sagging: Proper support: Ensure the grids are supported adequately to prevent sagging and keep them functioning efficiently. Proper installation: Make sure the grids are installed correctly to prevent stress on individual parts that can cause sagging over time. Regular cleaning: Regularly clean the grids to remove any dirt or debris that could add weight and cause sagging. Proper storage: Store the grids properly when not in use to prevent damage and maintain their shape. Quality material: Invest in high-quality grids made of durable materials that can withstand heavy use and maintain their shape. Regular inspection: Regularly inspect the grids for any signs of sagging or damage, and replace or repair them as necessary. Professional maintenance: Hire a professional to perform regular maintenance and cleaning to keep the grids functioning efficiently and prevent sagging. The Dangers of a Sagging Pool Cover Do you have a sagging pool cover? This can lead to drainage problems, water damage, and worse. Here are some of the dangers of a sagging pool cover: 1. Water Damage: If your pool cover is not properly installed or maintained, water can damage the sides and bottom of the pool. This can lead to leaks, flooding, and other costly repairs. 2. Drainage Problems: A sagging pool cover can cause drainage problems by forcing water into cracks and joints in the concrete pool deck. This excess water can create puddles, blocksages, and other water-related issues. 3. Rusting Pools: A sagging pool cover can also cause pools to rust from exposure to the elements and moisture. This means that your investment may be damaged or lost altogether if you do not take measures to prevent it. 4. Dangerous Pool Grounds: A sagging pool cover also creates dangerous ground conditions around the pool. This can include loose rocks and debris that could fall on anyone who walks near it. 5. Pool Safety Concerns: A sagged pool cover also raises safety concerns for both you and your visitors. This is because it creates an opening that allows large waves to enter the pool, potentially causing injuries. Tips for Extending the Life of Your Pool Cover Pool covers are an important part of your pool installation. They protect your deck and surface from the elements while also inhibiting algae growth. But how long will a pool cover last? Over the years, pool covers have evolved to provide longer life spans. When new technology was developed that allowed manufacturers to improve watertightness and resist moisture damage, it spurred innovation in the pool cover industry. The result? Covers that last longer. There are several steps you can take to extend the life of your pool cover. First, be sure to properly maintain your cover by regularly inspecting it for wear and tear. Check for leaks, proper installation, and proper closure techniques. Second, avoid harsh weather conditions that can stress and degrade the cover material. Finally, remember to replace your cover every five years or when it reaches its estimated lifespan. By following these tips, you can ensure that your pool Cover will provide you with years of protection from the elements! How to Repair a Sagging Pool Cover Pool cover installation is one of the most important pool care tasks. Properly installed and maintained, a pool cover can provide a sense of security for your family, keep your pool clean, and reduce the cost of pool removal. However, if your pool cover does not fit properly or becomes damaged during use, you may be facing a difficult task of fixing it. There are several steps that you can take to repair or replace a sagging pool cover. In this article, we will discuss the various techniques that you can use to fix a misplaced or damaged pool cover. It is crucial that you follow the proper steps when repairing or replacing a sagging pool cover in order to prevent further damage. Make sure to pay close attention to these steps in order to achieve a perfect outcome. The Best Pool Covers for Preventing Sagging Pool covers can prevent your pool from sagging. However, not all pool covers are created equal. Some cover materials may not be as effective at keeping water in the pool or may require more work to maintain. In this article, we will recommend the three best pool covers for preventing your pool from sagging. FAQs Q: What causes a pool cover to sag? A: A pool cover can sag due to improper sizing, improper installation, standing water, excessive weight, and poor storage. Q: How can I prevent my pool cover from sagging? A: To prevent pool cover sagging, make sure it's the right size, tighten the straps that secure it to the deck or pool coping, remove standing water, store it properly, use supporting poles, and consider using air pillows. Q: Can I repair a sagging pool cover? A: Yes, a sagging pool cover can often be repaired by tightening the straps, removing standing water, using supporting poles, or using air pillows to redistribute weight. In some cases, it may need to be replaced. Q: How often should I tighten the straps on my pool cover? A: The frequency of tightening the straps will depend on the conditions and usage of your pool cover. It's a good idea to check the straps periodically and tighten them as needed to prevent sagging. Q: How do I know if my pool cover needs to be replaced? A: If your pool cover is showing signs of excessive wear, tearing, or has become misshapen, it may be time to replace it. A professional can help you determine if it needs to be replaced or if it can be repaired. Q: Can air pillows prevent my pool cover from sagging? A: Yes, air pillows can help distribute weight and prevent sagging in low-lying areas of your pool cover. Conclusion In conclusion, keeping a pool cover from sagging requires a combination of proper sizing, installation, storage, and maintenance. Regularly checking the cover for any signs of sagging and taking steps to address the problem promptly can help ensure the longevity and functionality of your pool cover. If you're unsure about the best solution for your specific situation, consider seeking the advice of a professional pool cover specialist. By following these tips, you can keep your pool cover looking and functioning great for years to come. You can simply follows these tips to keep your pool cover from sagging. If you're looking to know more about how to keep pool cover from sagging read the article.
تصليح الثلاجة المنزلية
تصليح الثلاجات أمر يتطلب الكثير من الجهد والمال والوقت، وكانت قديمًا تشهد عملية التصليح أمورًا معقدة للغاية حتى أنه في بعض الأوقات كانت تتم عملية التصليح بصعوبة بالغة وفي كثيرًا من الأحيان لا يعود الجهاز " الثلاجة " للعمل كما ينبغي ان يكون، وكان من الافضل تغيير الثلاجة بشكل كلي الامر اختلف كثيرًا عما كان عليه سابقًا حتى أنه أصبحت تتم عملية الصيانة بشكل سلس وسهل وبدون تحريك الجهاز ونقلة من مكانه وهو ما أدى في النهاية الى صيانة الثلاجة ما دامت ستعمل بشكل طبيعي وأقل تكلفة عن استبدالها لماذا تتعطل الثلاجة كأي جهاز كهربائي! فإن الثلاجة لها عمر افتراضي ولها استخدامات محددة، وهي في أساس تكوينها بعض الأجزاء التي تكون مؤثر على عملها بالكامل وبشكل مباشر منها بالتأكيد الكومبروسر أو الموتور والمكثف وغيرها، تتعرض للأعطال وهذا متوقع وطبيعي ويتم إصلاحها ببساطة وتغيير القطع والأجزاء التالفة، ولعل اهم اسباب عطل الثلاجة التالي: - سوء الاستخدام: يمكن لأي شخص فتح وغلق الثلاجة وحفظ الطعام بها ولكن، الاستخدام السيء يسرع من ظهور الأعطال مثل عدم غلق أبواب الثلاجة بشكل محكم مما يؤدي الى تسرب الحرارة إلى الخارج وهو ما يسبب دوام عمل الثلاجة في محاولة منها لتعويض الحرارة المفقودة - اعطال كهربائية: منها تعرض الثلاجة لتردد فولتات أعلى من القدرة المحددة، او ان الاسلاك يوجد بها مشكلة، أو حتى دائرة الكهرباء نفسها - مشكلة في احد الاجزاء: ومثال ذلك تعطل التايمر - مشاكل في الموتور - الثيرموستات أو منظم الحرارة - كاوتشوك باب الثلاجة….. الخ - مشاكل بسيطة : وهي تلك المشاكل التي لا تتطلب وجود فني صيانة ثلاجة من أجل حل مشاكلها ومنها تراكم الجليد في الفريزر " المجمد " في الثلاجات النوفروست أصلا أين يمكن أن تصلح ثلاجتي؟ يجب ان نعرف ان أهم شيء حتى من تصليح الثلاجة هو من يصلحها، عملية الصيانة أساسها عودة الجهاز للعمل بكامل طاقته، وهو أمر لابد أن يتوفر في الفني أو مركز الصيانة الذي اتعامل معه، حيث ان هناك بعض الصيانات تنجم عنها مشاكل ما كنت موجودة في الثلاجة من قبل أو استخدام قطع الغيار الغير مناسبة مما يؤدي الى مشاكل أكبر، لذلك لابد من الاعتماد على فني خبير وكان صيانة أحترافي ومضمون قبل التفكير في الصيانة تكاليف صيانة الثلاجة تختلف التكلفة من ثلاجة الى ثلاجة ومن جهاز لآخر، ونتيجة لاختلاف الاحتياجات وطبيعة الاعطال التي قد تحتاج الى تغيير اجزاء او تحتاج الى صيانة فقط، لذلك السعر ليس ثابتًا ولكن! يمكن ل مركز صيانة الثلاجات ان يوفر الخدمة بشكل جيد وممتاز احترافي مع سعر مناسب نظرًا لاعتبارات السوق أو للظروف ومدى تكلفة الصيانة التي يقوم بها الفني المختص المرسل من قبلهم
Why Choose Glass Pool Tiles?
There are several reasons why you might choose glass pool tiles for your swimming pool: Durability: Glass pool tiles are highly durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions, chlorine, and other pool chemicals. They are also resistant to fading, which means that their color will remain vibrant for years. Aesthetic appeal: Glass pool tiles have a unique look and add a luxurious and sophisticated touch to any swimming pool. They come in a variety of colors and finishes, allowing you to create a customized look that complements your pool's surroundings. Easy maintenance: Glass pool tiles are easy to clean and maintain. They are resistant to staining, mold, and mildew, which means that you won't need to spend much time or money on maintenance. Eco-friendly: Glass pool tiles are made from recycled glass, which makes them an eco-friendly choice. They are also non-porous, which means that they do not contribute to the growth of algae and bacteria in your pool. Long-lasting: Glass pool tiles have a long lifespan and can last for decades with proper care and maintenance. This makes them a cost-effective choice in the long run. In conclusion, glass pool tiles are an excellent choice for those looking to enhance the beauty and functionality of their swimming pool. They offer a unique aesthetic appeal, easy maintenance, durability, and eco-friendliness. Moreover, they are a long-lasting investment that can add value to your property. Whether you're building a new pool or renovating an existing one, glass pool tiles are a great option to consider.
Finding The Hottest New Products For Your Swimming Pool
The end of the year means it’s time to start thinking about your pool setup. Whether you’re looking to upgrade existing equipment or completely revamp your outdoor oasis, Pool Magazine has got you covered. They recently released their list of the year's best pool products, and we’ve rounded up a few highlights. If you're looking to upgrade your pool with the latest and greatest in modern equipment, then it's time to check out this year's top picks from Pool Magazine. From pool cleaners that reduce maintenance by up to 50 percent, to integrated lighting systems that allow you to change the mood of an evening swim with the flip of a switch, there are plenty of exciting new products on the market. For those concerned about energy efficiency and sustainability, look no further than robotic pool cleaners that operate on solar power - allowing you to keep your carbon footprint low whilst keeping your pool sparkling clean. When it comes to lighting up your evening swims, LED technology provides a great alternative for sparking up a party or simply adding some atmosphere to your backyard. With the ability to control a range of different colors and shades, you can create a unique atmosphere for any occasion from romantic soirees to pool parties with friends. For those looking for more convenience and luxury, automated chemical controllers and digital chlorinators can save time when it comes to water maintenance. Automatically monitoring pH levels as well as dispensing chlorine at set intervals, these systems allow you to kick back and relax while they take care of your pool chemistry. No matter what kind of innovation you're needing for your pool, Pool Magazine's top picks for this year is sure to have something that suits your needs. So don't delay - head over now to get the latest in modern pool technology! 4 Tried & True Pool Products That Will Be In High Demand This Summer The Hayward AquaNaut 450 Advanced Suction Cleaner is a powerful robotic cleaner with features like an anti-tangle cable swivel and self-adjusting drive wheels that won't get stuck in pools with large debris. It can cover pools up to 50 feet long and offers exceptional power for superior suction cleaning results. Do you want a pool you can use year-round? The Pentair MasterTemp 200K BTU Natural Gas Heater is a great option. This heater has advanced features, including an easy-to-use LCD digital display and temperature control settings that allow you to precisely adjust the water temperature up to five degrees Fahrenheit. If you want something more decorative than functional, take a look at IntelliBrite LED color-changing lights. These stylish lights can be used in both in-ground and above ground pools and are compatible with most control systems. Plus, they offer 16 vibrant colors and five light shows, so you can customize your pool atmosphere to suit your tastes. Looking for something more eco-friendly? The Hayward MaxFlo VS Variable-Speed Pool Pump might be the solution. This pump offers up to 80% savings on energy consumption with its variable speed motor and easy-to-program digital interface. Plus, it’s quiet operation ensures a peaceful environment for everyone. Pool Magazine has put together an impressive list of the year's best pool products, and these are just a few of the highlights. Whether you're looking for practical or decorative items, there’s something here for every pool enthusiast! With so many options available, you’re sure to find something that fits your needs!