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Here is a hilarious video of some of the unwritten "rules" of road cycling. I can't say that I follow a lot of these, but I've definitely heard these things talked about within the road cycling community.
This is fantastic. I think we can relate to something on this video.
Yes! Something that explains all of the unwritten rules of road cycling that everyone else knows except for you (no matter who you are), such as how to avoid being chastised by your entire group for an honest (ignorant) mistake, how to cope with being dropped, how to recognize subtle insults from other riders (and how to respond appropriately), how to appear more pro-like than we really are, which "rules" are not only acceptable but respectable to break, and when, and how to determine what other riders really mean when they say what they say, such as "I haven't been riding much lately" which REALLY means "I've really done about 600 miles this week so far, with intervals every other day, and I'm going to burn you", or "No, really, this will be an easy-paced ride", which REALLY means "prepare to meet your maker, you're in for it now..."
@MarcNelson I think that deserves a whole new video! hahaha
Well done! The only thing I would have added would be a section on how to ride in a peloton for the first time without severely annoying all of the more experienced riders.
@EugeneMorton I agree. I remember the first time I fell over being new to clipless.
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