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5 Best API Integration Tools for Developers in 2022 | Optymize

API is the key that allows data sharing and retrieving between two applications, without them, the software products are just a plug with no electric socket to conduct conventional flow, hence APIs are the most important part of the software applications. As there is a huge demand for different fields of software development jobs worldwide many youngsters are considering them as a possible career option and if you are one of them, we know that you may have heard this API word least often, as you move ahead in your software development career you will hear this word every single day. As there are so many APIs with unique features and functionalities you have to get aware of them and hence to elevate your knowledge as a developer we have made this article in which we will thoroughly discuss on 5 best API integration tools for developers in 2022.

What is an API
An API(Application Programming Interface) is a tool that allows the software to communicate, share and retrieve data from other applications, you can say they act as a medium that enables software to share information and communicate with each other using specific codes.
To have a greater understanding let’s look at an example- you must be aware of some of the hotel booking services that lets you know the different hotel rooms with their prices and other specialities, but have you ever thought about how do they collect information of every other hotel rooms, do they personally call these hotels to get aware of their rooms? and constantly keep updating those? well no as it’s a tedious task and the services may run into troublesome situations. Then how do they operate? Well, these hotel booking website services contain an API that collects information regarding available rooms from various hotel websites, so they can enlist different hotels and their room prices in a particular order. This way a user can find his favorable suit within minutes.
Before we move ahead to the list of API integration tools, let’s look at some different types of APIs, for which business solutions they are used and many more things, so you can understand each point deeply and decide which one is the best for your needs.
1. Public APIs
As the name suggests a public API is publicly available for developers and other users with minimal restrictions, like every other interface it may require registration, and API keys, or they may be open for everyone.
Public APIs depend on external users to access data or services, for example, public APIs from Twitter and Facebook that you can access with the use of an API key. Other examples of public APIs are weather forecast apps, financial apps and streaming services, these however are not as secure as compared to other APIs as they can be accessible by anyone with the API key.
2. Internal/Private APIs
Internal or Private APIs are the end point of any organization to leverage their business objectives by collecting and transferring relevant data. These APIs are specially built for internal business operation among the teams in any organization, hence they are able to share the data among different departments and build models strategically to obtain greater benefits. Only people working for that particular organization can get access to these APIs and these are secured with great settings to prevent being a victim of any security breach.
3. Partner APIs
Partner APIs are the shared APIs between multiple organizations and can be accessed by only a selected group of developers. it’s only used for business-to-business operations, let’s say an organization wants to share its user’s data with a customer relationship management company then at this point they need an API that can provide the organization’s data to the external party.
In other words, we can say that these APIs are used by strategic business partners to build stronger relationships and introduce easy data-sharing functionality. However, as these can only be accessed by selected developers their security functionalities are top class which gives an edge to these businesses to protect their asset data from falling into the wrong hands and avoid experiencing a severe loss. Another example of these partner APIs can be payment gateways such as an online banking system or online payment services such as Paypal.
4. Composite APIs
Composite APIs combine different data and service APIs which has become an ideal choice for the developers as it allows the execution of multiple services in a single operation. It also allows developers to use multiple APIs endpoints in one single step. Its efficient infrastructure offers the best performance so developers can get an all-in-one solution with minimal hassle.
As we discussed in the hotel booking services example, APIs introduce a great level of sharing of data over multiple applications through servers that allows finding the rooms much more easily, similarly, it applies to every other service, so think of it as a network where applications communicate with each other using different APIs. Other than this, APIs are necessary to make your software solutions interact with other applications to collect crucial information such as weather forecasts, hospitals, and their available beds.
The prime need for API is to connect software solutions with other applications through a server, so if you want to develop an application that can share and retrieve information then you have to implement APIs in your application.
Companies can’t overlook the fact of APIs, as cloud services boomed all over the world making APIs gain much more attention to creating cloud-based solutions that can be used in real-time. So every other organization has taken steps to ensure their product development increases and this can be only achieved by introducing APIs functionalities in their cloud services and in other internal applications to allow them to transfer data to teams and strategies their goals.
Furthermore, you will be heavily relying on cloud services which will support your application with tremendous data and hence you will require an API to be integrated into your cloud platform to sustain the information and pass it to your application. To sum up, API is the medium to transfer information and there is no other way other than APIs to do so hence every other operating software application uses it for better client uses.
API Integration Example
API integration allows different APIs to connect and share valuable information to carry out some important tasks and we will demonstrate this to you with some of its examples so you can understand its applications in different industries.
1. Payment Gateways
Payment gateways are the endpoints for successful transactions, as APIs here send validation details of the customer to the bank database and retrieve information about his account and validate his account’s existence for the further transaction process. When the customer gets connected to both the APIs it lets him make a transaction from any corner of the world.
2. Login Validation on Any Social Media
Remember when you first heard about social media and thought of opening an account there, if yes then you probably remember the login window where it had options such as log in with a particular account and most of them used and still have the google sign-in option, which you used.
Have you ever thought about how a Google account lets you create or open an account on any other social media if not then we’ll tell you, it’s because of APIs lets understand it more deeply, suppose we are using 10 social media or any other platform with their unique sign-in option and you open accounts on these platforms, but do you really think you can remember all these account names, IDs and passwords? No right, what if new social media enters the market? What if you have to create 100 accounts on 100 platforms? You won’t be able to remember all these right.
This is why Google and other accounts come in handy as everyone has accounts on google they have your details in their databases so whenever you open an account on social media a google option can directly take you to its API and authenticate your account with its database and verify to the successful creation of an account. Here Google’s API and the API from social media interact with each other to verify your details and open an account, this introduces an easy peasy method for opening accounts on different social media.
5 Best API Integration Tools
Let’s move ahead to the main point where you will be learning about these best tools for your future project use. If you are just starting your journey in computer science then you can use some of the open source API integration platforms to make your project unique. Having said that, you don’t have to pay for some of these Platforms as they are free API integration tools. Following are the most in-demand tools that are used by developers and companies more often.

1. Microsoft Azure API Integration Tools
Azure API management tool helps you manage all your APIs making your work operational on multi-cloud platforms. It offers instant provisioning, scaling and serverless API management and provides deep insights into API health through API analytics with some security checks including Keys and IP filtering. API gateways are the most prominent feature in azure and are similar to Apigee’s proxy feature but offer a more robust option to monetize data and service for you and your client use.
1. API Management.
2. API Gateway.
3. Developer Portal.
4. On-Premises and Cloud API Management.
5. API Analytics Dashboard.
2. Mulesoft API Integration Tools
Mulesoft any point platform allows developers to design, develop and monetize the APIs quickly, they provide connectivity between the system and the external applications devices and enable developers to manage and secure the flow of data between all the systems in your enterprise, it lets developers create their own network of application to discover and self serve existing API for reuse.
1. API Management.
2. Prebuilt or Custom Security Policies.
3. Secure and High-Performance API Gateway.
4. Integrated Access Management.
5. API Analysis.
3. IBM Connect API Integration Tools
IBM API introduces the most intuitive and scalable API management functionalities that provide you with practices such as creating, managing, securing, and monetizing APIs across cloud platforms. This lets you and your clients enhance the apps with technological enhancements on cloud solutions in real-time.
IBM Connect is an excellent choice as it offers hefty benefits such as intuitive API management, robust features, high security and a trustworthy approach. If this isn’t something to convince you to opt for this API then you might like its features which stand out and attract millions of developers.
1. API Management.
2. IBM Data Power API Gateway.
3. Developer Portal.
4. Developer Toolkit.
5. Multicloud Deployment.
6. API Analytics Dashboard.
4. Apigee API Management Tools
Apigee API is responsible for developing and managing the entire lifecycle of an API and lets users build an API proxy that separates the backend and front-end parts of an application. An API is always kept in between the application and the backend to prevent any changes affecting either side of the system.
These API proxies are nothing but XML codes that are capable of separating the backend and the front end part of the application. This benefits the client side as it will interact with an intuitive API flawlessly while the server-side works on complex functionalities. Apigee Creates a digital experience for Backend and Microservices, Hybrid and Multi Cloud environments and for fully serverless stacks.
1. Deployment Flexibility with Apigee Hybrid.
2. API First Integration.
3. AI-Powered API Monitoring.
4. Digital Asset Monetization.
5. Microservice Management.
5. DELL Boomi API Integration Tools
Boomi is an integration as a service platform that facilitates the connection of software applications and data resources. It offers cloud integration by providing API’s lifecycle management and event-driven architecture features. It uses a low code development method which catches the eye of every developer as they don’t have to work on coding that much. This platform is equipped with modules such as AtmoSphere, MDM and API management functionalities and is capable of providing end-to-end solutions with ease.
1. Multi Platform.
2. Drag and Drop Feature for easy integration.
3. Data Management.
4. High-Level Security.
5. Cloud Solutions.

APIs are the expressways of data transfer and retrieval and it’s important to understand their roles to opt for the optimum API integration tool. As cloud services experience massive booms, APIs are likely to lend a hand to IT firms to develop lightweight software applications that can be easily installed on these cloud platforms for real-time usability. If you are thinking of making an entry into software or web development then you have to be aware of APIs and their work function and operations for proper task execution. Moreover, as these APIs get enhanced, you may have to get aware of their latest technologies to have a better understanding of cutting-edge technology and to build software and cloud applications accordingly, but for time being these 5 best API integration tools are the best of their class hence you can use them for your project requirement and enhance your product development more efficiently.
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But if you’re still not convinced about why an Electrical Panel is necessary, here are six reasons why they’re so important: 1) They protect against fire and explosions 2) They reduce the number of appliances on a circuit 3) They help prevent overloads 4) They can be wired to protect against faulty wiring and voltage spikes 5) If there’s a short or power outage, they’ll trip off automatically to stop any damage 6) When done correctly, they can protect against bad weather What do you need to know about the installation process? The installation process of the Electrical Control Panel Manufacturer in Kolkata is a big part of the job. The installation process can be time-consuming and may need more than one person to complete. It’s essential you know what you’re getting into before hiring a company to install your panel. If you have a lot of knowledge of the installation process, then you’ll know if it takes days or minutes. You’ll also learn how much work it will be for them to do the installation instead of just putting it up quickly and leaving. Besides knowing about the installation process, there are other things to consider when hiring an Electrical Control Panel Manufacturer in Kolkata, like their pricing and quality. You want to find someone who has fair prices, high-quality products, and has both installation services and sells panels. Considerations before choosing an Electrical Control Panel Manufacturer in Kolkata It’s essential to do your research before choosing an Electrical Control Panel Manufacturer in Kolkata. Check the reputation of the company and ensure they have a good reputation as well as positive reviews. It would help if you also looked into its credentials and certifications. If you don’t know where to start, you can use Google Maps to find out which companies are nearby your area. When you find a company you like, check their website and see if they offer installation services. 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14 Integrations That Every Online Marketplace Needs
The article was initially published in Codica blog. How make the customers stay with your web store? Statistics show that users leave the site if its download speed exceeds 3 seconds. So, the work of online marketplaces should be convenient and fast. With the help of integrations, you automate operations and meet your users' demands. In this article, we will consider the main integrations for marketplaces that make your customers happy. Overview of the marketplace integrations A marketplace integration: what is it? A marketplace integration is software that assists in adding additional functionality to the marketplace website. How do integrations work? Integrations are built on the application programming interface (API). It enables you to transfer data between two platforms or apps. So, the data from various marketplace websites are added to one platform. The basic steps that integration enables are the following: - Connection; - Data transmission; - Data synchronization. What are the core features that marketplace integrations comprise? Usually, the key features that marketplace integrations offer are the following: - Keeping inventory; - Order tracking and shipment; - Product management; - Analytics; - Payments; - Notifications. Benefits of marketplace integrations The key benefits of adding integrations to your marketplace are as follows: - Managing many supply chains; - Handling inventory with expeditious procurements; - Shipping adapted to the needs of a marketplace; - Checking vendors’ and purchasers’ behavior when they use a marketplace; - Easy and fast processing of payment transactions; Let’s find out what integrations are effective and widely used. Stock management Skuvault Skuvault provides a reporting and analytical system in real-time. It enables vendors to track inventory needs. So, sellers can foresee the needed inventory according to the sales history. This tool allows for reviewing item history, inventory levels, and locations. Moreover, Skuvault comprises many marketplace integration services, such as shipping solutions and accounting. Zoho Inventory This cloud-based solution for stock management enables tracking each good in the sales cycle. Users may apply a Zoho batch tracking system or a serial number. The Zoho Inventory tool has an easy-to-use system for doing warehouse reports. By the way, you may integrate Zoho with Etsy, Amazon, Shopify, and eBay accounts. In such a way, you will expand your sales. Fulfil.IO Fulfil.IO is the only tool created specifically for digital commerce and wholesale. It enables real-time tracking of inventory flow and operations. Furthermore, Fulfil.IO comprises weight conversion and relieves from carrying out additional calculations. You can integrate Fulfil.IO with the following services: Payment gateways. Shipping carriers. Consumer-to-consumer (C2C) and business-to-consumer (B2C) marketplaces. Orders management QuickBooks Commerce QuickBooks Commerce helps automatically control many warehouses, sales paths, and commerce operations. It serves firms that handle complex supply chains and sell physical goods. This solution enables merchants to generate invoices, send sales quotes, and mark orders according to their fulfillment. SAP Commerce Cloud SAP is a B2C and B2B web commerce platform that offers services to big enterprises for complex operations. This tool helps enterprises to manage their inventory. SAP Commerce Cloud handles orders from any location and simplifies refunds and returns. The image below demonstrates how SAP enables managing orders. Source: help.sap.com Bigcommerce Orders This solution helps optimize orders. Using it, sellers can track the order statuses. Also, the solution assists sellers in making invoices, shipments, and compensations. The tool sorts orders by different parameters. For example, it divides items by date range, coupon code, payment type, and shipping method. Delivery Shippo This tool carriers to platforms and marketplace websites, including e-commerce. Shippo enables vendors to do the following: - Create and handle sellers’ accounts; - Provide instant connection with broadly used carrier platforms; - Customize shipping operations; - Streamline refund and invoicing processes. Tracktry The platform has integrations with about 700 couriers. It enables users to track a package. To do this, they pick a carrier and enter the tracking number. The enhanced UX design helps to discover their order status within moments. Source: tracktry.com Processing of payments Stripe Stripe is one of the most used payment gateways in the world. It enables users to access the following types of payments: - Via electronic wallets; - Via credit cards; - Via bank directs. Braintree The system covers many types of services and payments needed for marketplace operations. This integration uses address and card verification tools. So, buyers don’t need to send payment details to each vendor. Notably, Uber and Airbnb integrated this gateway. PayPal This tool is a popular payment system. It offers integrations for various platforms and marketplace websites. This API enables using card payments, local payment methods, and PayPal transactions. The system provides for paying through bank accounts and split or multi-seller payments. Thanks to its versatility, PayPal is suitable for different types of marketplaces. Data analytics Google Analytics This marketplace tool demonstrates the weak and strong aspects of your store. It identifies site and content issues and compiles relevant reports. Due to these reports, you can discover sources of traffic and actions that happen when customers stay on your platform. This integration enables you to do the following: - Forecast potential revenue from a particular group of customers; - Calculate churn probability; - Integrate with Google Ads to deliver ads relevant to your customers’ needs. Kissmetrics Usually, data analytics solutions demonstrate how often a web page has been accessed or events performed. However, Kissmetrics links the customer’s activity before signing up for your online store. This enables you to discover the need that led users to your website and what they did to become your shoppers. In brief, this integration provides an easy system for making reports that comprise diverse data on your consumers. Mixpanel It is a great data analytics tool for custom marketplace development. It helps analyze the prerequisites of churn and identify the customers’ behavior. Mixpanel allows to perform the following analysis: - Audience segmentation; - A/B testing; - Real-time user behavior tracking. Integrations assist your business in achieving success Integrations are great tools that enhance the work of your marketplace. Using API integrations, you can improve the market reach for your selling portal and control your inventory. If you want to discover more about integrations that fit your business goals, contact us.
Top 8 Best ParseHub Competitors and Alternatives
If you're looking for a comparably priced (or free) web scraping software alternative to ParseHub, look no further! In this blog post, we'll introduce you to some of the top ParseHub competitors. Each of these web scraping tools has its own unique set of features, so be sure to read up on each before deciding which one is the best fit for your needs. Happy scraping! 1)PromptCloud Web scraping software PromptCloud is one of the most popular web scraping software that helps you extract data from websites in a quick and easy way. With PromptCloud, you can turn any website into an API in just a few minutes, making it easy to get the data you need without having to code or use complex tools. PromptCloud also offers a variety of features that make it unique among web scraping software, including the ability to schedule crawls, set up alerts, and download data in multiple formats. Whether you're looking for data for research or need to monitor a competitor's website, PromptCloud can help you get the information you need. 2)Octoparse Web scraping software Octoparse is a web scraping tool that enables users to easily extract data from websites. With Octoparse, users can collect data from online sources with just a few clicks. Octoparse has many features that make it an valuable tool for web scraping, including its ability to handle dynamic web pages, login systems, and anti-scraping measures. Octoparse is also easy to use, with a user-friendly interface and detailed instructions. Overall, Octoparse is a powerful and user-friendly web scraping software that can be used to collect data from online sources. 3)ParseHub Web scraping software ParseHub is a web scraping tool that enables users to collect data from websites. It is easy to use and requires no programming skills. Simply enter the URL of the website you want to scrape and ParseHub will do the rest. The software will extract data from the website and store it in a format of your choice (e.g., JSON, CSV, XML). You can then access the data offline or use it for further analysis. ParseHub is an invaluable tool for anyone who needs to collect data from websites. It is fast, efficient, and easy to use. 4)Webscraper. io Web scraping software Webscraper. io is a web scraping tool that enables you to extract data from websites and store it in a format of your choice. The software is easy to use and can be used for a variety of purposes, such as research, lead generation, and competitor analysis. Webscraper. io provides a free plan that allows you to scrape up to 500 pages per month. The paid plans start at $99 per month and allow you to scrape unlimited pages. Webscraper. io is a versatile web scraping tool that can be used for a variety of purposes. 5)ScrapeHero Web scraping software With ScrapeHero, you can easily set up a crawler to extract data from any website and save it to a spreadsheet or database. ScrapeHero also allows you to schedule regular crawls to keep your data up-to-date. In addition, ScrapeHero provides a visual editor so you can see the data being extracted in real-time and make changes on the fly. ScrapeHero is the perfect tool for anyone who needs to collect data from websites. 6)Zyte Web scraping software Zyte ( formerly ScrapingHub) is a web scraping software. Zyte has all the features that you need to scrape the data that you need from websites. Zyte is easy to use, efficient and fast. With Zyte you can scrape websites with ease and get the data that you need in a format that is easy to work with. 7)Apify Web scraping software Apify is a web scraping tool that enables users to transform websites into structured data. It offers a simple and user-friendly interface that makes it easy to get started with web scraping. Apify also provides a wide range of features, including the ability to schedule scrapes, extract data from Javascript-based websites, and handle CAPTCHAs. Additionally, Apify integrates with a number of popular data analysis tools, making it easy to visualize and analyze the data that you've collected. Overall, Apify is an excellent choice for those who want to get started with web scraping. 8)Mozenda Web scraping software Mozenda is a web scraping application that enables users to collect data from websites automatically. With Mozenda, users can specify the data they want to collect, and the software will do the rest, extracting the information and saving it in a format of their choice. Mozenda is particularly useful for extracting large amounts of data from websites, making it a valuable tool for businesses and researchers. In addition, Mozenda can be used to automate repetitive tasks such as filling out online forms. As a result, it can save users a considerable amount of time and effort. Conclusion: ParseHub is a powerful web scraping tool that can be used to extract data from websites. It has some great features and is easy to use, but it does have some competitors. If you are looking for an alternative to ParseHub, or if you are just curious about what else is out there, here are some of the top ParseHub competitors & alternatives.
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