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An okay drama, do watch :D SPOILER ALERT This drama was ehhhh. I liked it but at the same time I didn't, because of the bad use of the amnesia. I really hate it when they use amnesia in a drama, but what's a Korean drama without amnesia, right? However, in this drama the amnesia was too long and I just couldn't stand it. I guess since the main girl was hurt by it I was hurt too xD. Other than that, the drama was good. Opinions?
It was way more than okay... I loved it! Was happy to see a decent ending and loved all the music!! Yes yes... hate amnesia in my k-dramas, I mean....seriously!!!! A very good cast!
@christy, me too!! it was totally new to me and I liked it a lot.
I enjoyed the music and trot songs alot
@KoreanAddict, @christy, @irelis27 I had high hopes for this drama, unfortunately I couldn't get past the first episode. I enjoyed Ji Hyun Woo in A Thousand Kisses, Becoming a Billionaire but in this drama I just didn't like him at all and the hair color didn't favor him one bit (in my opinion).