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I Miss You
I did not cry because of this drama, it was because of the wind. What am I saying, I CRIED LIKE A BABY when I saw this drama. I loved this drama. It was sad but cute at the same time(because of the couple). The actors were amazing! It's a must watch drama!!!! Opinions?
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i love dis drama soooo much miss it all the time thr will nor be another show like i miss you. this show really change the image of korean shows being like fairy tales. it was a tragedy portrayed soo amazingly. it was tragic , i watched it all knowing ds does happen in real world , we all have been through some tragedies but life must go on.... thankuu 4 sharing dis .
saharhyunjoong i miss you chingu..whats the title of this drama so i can watch it tell me as in asap hehehe
ok this is Park Yoochun right i have watched it chungu but i rememeber those ward but i cant remember the title of the series sharhyunhoong