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Rodeo Adventure Labs tackles the highest paved road in North America--up to 14,200 feet up Mount Evans, Colorado--using 40 lbs rented bicycles from the City of Denver's bike share program.
Ummm. Nobody has commented on this? That is almost as shocking as taking B Bikes up Mt. Evans. Fantastic job guys, wow i don't think i could ride my regular road bike up that thing. Wow, awesome.
@GratefulBike Seriously amazing. I remember awhile back some guy rode up Mt Ventoux with a B Bike (or the British version anyway). I'm a horrible climber so getting up these mountains seems like hell with any bike!
The fact that they can talk while doing this is nuts, i'd be huffing and puffing the whole way
Impressive, I hope you all coasted back down and enjoyed the fruits of your labor...