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Can you imagine walking into a room that would be able to sense your stress levels, heart rate, and more vitals in order to predict and show you data that interests you? CEEDS (Collective Experience of Empathetic Data Systems) is a project being worked on right now by scientists from various countries in Europe and they believe this is possible. I just think it is amazing...because technology is advancing so crazy!
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@onesmile I still don't know how to feel about's def. advancing artificial intelligence...have you seen the movie Her? I can imagine this turning into an operating system to simply entertain us
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@TechAtHeart I haven't seen it, maybe I should check it out!
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wow I have never heard of this! imagine if the computer can detect if I'm feeling depressed from my vitals....and if it knew my hobbies and "likes" media social it would start playing videos of cute puppies and kittens to cheer me up? that would be cool. so cool.
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@csgeek haha I'd use that!
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This would be a violation of privacy if put to use on certain purposes, imagine being stressed out on a very high level and out of no where some law enforcement agent comes and gets you, just for having a high threat level or a high risk individual. Get in trouble before even commuting something that is if you were even to commit anything
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