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hi everyone!!! I'm going to start my LIVE RECAPS tonight at 9:55pm (Korea Time). Stay Tuned!!! Luka and I are the POWER COUPLE for To The Beautiful You (hehe) so make sure you check out ALL our cards Ep 1 Live Recap (http://www.vingle.net/posts/45387 ) Ep 1 Viki Video with subs (http://www.vingle.net/posts/45359 ) Ep 2 Preview (http://www.vingle.net/posts/45528 ) Ep 2 Live Recap (http://www.vingle.net/posts/45424 ) Ep 2 Viki Video with subs (http://www.vingle.net/posts/45542 ) =============================================== cast : Sulli FX as Goo Jae Hee Minho Shinee as Kang Tae Joon Lee Hyun Woo as Cha En Gyol Kim Ji Won as Seol Han Na Seo Jun Yong as Ha SeungRi ___________________________________________________ The doctor ask Jaehee why she was in boys high school. Jaehee just quickly get up and denied it. Taejoon who just failed his jump was found in the gym by his manager. the manager tried to calm his down but Taejoon just act cool and left her. Eungyol found JAehee who get out from the health room. He told Jaehee about Taejoon failure and saying maybe his wound still affect him. Taejoon found him in the way. He just get out of the car and slap him. The father told Taejoon to look way to fix his problem, but Taejoon just say he will find his own way and left him. When Taejoon entered the room, Jaehee quickly welcomed him. But he just act cool and accidently hit her. After that he just give him some rule for Jaehee to stay in the room. Jaehee was happy to hear it Taejoon remembered the day he and his father buried his mother ash. He buried it with his gold. He was crying in front of her tomb.he has nightmare when dreaming it. Jaehee who fix his cover catched by Taejoon. Taejoon thought it's his mother so he grab Jaehee's hand and Jaehee just pat him to sleep. In the morning. Taejoon woke up and found Jaehee holding his hand in his side. Taejoon let go her hand and get up. Jaehee said sorry ,then Taejoon just left her. + Jaehee was washing her face when Eungyo come to pee. Jaehee try to kick him out but he just went peeing. After Eungyo get out Seungri get inside and just sit in the toilet. Jaehee had no other choice than to get out. Taejoon manager was waited by a repoter asking about TAejoon incident. She said nothing but the reporter still thinks it's weird. Jaehee was avoiding the doctor in the school and decided to avoid him for awhile. Seungri was talking to his dorm member about the dorm athletic competition. He ask Taejoon participation but he just turned it down coldly. The 3 dorm head meet up and talk about the competition. each other is asking each side preparation . But they just lower themselves eventough they already prepared hard. Jaehee was avoiding the doctor in the dining room while dining with eungyol. Jungmin see it and get jealous quickly sit in front of them and give food to Eungyol. Taejoon who peeping Hyonjae practicing was found out by the reporter. The reporter tried to put Hyonjae as Taejoon's rival but he just ignored her and run away. hanna is practising gymnastic. After practising they were eating sald while looking at delicious ood photo. Hanna said she's thinking of quitting just to support Taejoon. hanna called some friend to pick him up without the manager knowing. A man was delivered to Taejoon's room. A big box is waiting in Taejoon's room. Hanna cae out from the box when Jaehee come. Hanna told her she is Taejoon's girlfriend and not to tell press. Hanna said don't u know who i am. Hse said she is no 1 athlethe , no 1 girl in korea. Jaehee just ignored her and said she doesn't know her since she's new . Teajoon come and told Hanna to get out. + JAehee was practising with Seungri. she was competing with Jungmin. They run together and Jungmin just made her fall. Seungri told Jaehee to go to the health room. Jaehee who see the doctor is not in, just get in and take some medicine. Suddenly the doctor comein with Taejoon. the doctor realized that someone is in the room. The doctor told taejoon he was in slump mentally and told him not to put his hope high. Taejoon said he doesn't hope that high and thankful for his care. After Taejoon left, the doctor call Jaehee to come out from her hide. Eungyo was receiving call while practising football. the coack warned him but he just shoot a goal making the coach can't say anything. Jaehee was asking about Teajoon's condition while the doctor ask about her presence in the boy school. Jaehee told the doctor she come here just for Taejoon and said she can't leave now when Taejoon is in slump without helping him. she said she can't be woman again before helping Taejoon to comeback. doctor who was about to call and told office about JAehee hang the phone up and told Jaehee to come back to class. the doctor said no need to be happy because he just want to think about it. Jaehee said to Taejoon in the room that she overheard his conversation in the health room. She said she will help him to comeback. Taejoon said no need, he will use this chance to quit. Taejoon just said to Jaehee to get out from the room. Eungyo found Jaehee who was walking outside. Jaehee was looking sad, so Eungyo took him to the field. He told her to steal one ball from him so he can give her one wish and vice versa. jaehee refuse and turn his body but Eungyo convince him to play. Jaehee just pull his shirt and made them fall. They took picture together, then Eungyo put in in the internet saying friendship. But Eungyo suddenly fell his heartbeat beat faster . The next day, the reporter talk to JAehee asking her help to report on her abot Taejoon. Hyonjae was in health room when the doctor was not aroun. he got curious and check Taejoon health record, He took picture of the health record. taejoon 's manager got angry to the reporter for puuting news about Taejoon's problem. Taejoon father also see it. Taejoon was phoned by manager about the leak, but Taejoon said the dotor didn't leak it. he remembered finding the reporter's card name in Jaehee's dirty cloth. When Jaehee come out from the bathroom, Taejoon got angry to JAehee and show her the news JAehee said it's ntot her, but Taejoon didn't believe and leave the room The dorm sport competition start. from running, basket to tennis. each member support their dorm actively. Taejoon was still avoiding Jaehee. Eungyo who see Jaehee supporting him got another weird heartbeat. The competition was tied between dorm 1 and dorm 2. for the next marathon game, everyone was waiting for Taejoon. But he's not presence. No other member, so Jaehee said she will go out instead Taejoon. everyone is running for the marathon. Jaehee was running without stopping. While the other dorm was cheating changing player in the middle. Taejoon come and Eungyo told him Jaehee replace him in the marathon. One the guy from other dorm tackle Jaehee and she fell down. The doctor, home room teacher and other teacher was waiting . The other dorm guys was seen first toward the finish line. But Jaehee tailed him behind. Jaehee succesfully surpassed him. But the teacher saw that Jaehoo's foot was injured. Jaehee fell but she remembered Taejoon got the medal and she cutting her hair. She get up nd run again and reached the finish line first. Taejoon who saw it all feel touched. Seungri quickly spray the paste in Jaehee's foot. Jaehee who saw Teajoon quickly get up and walk to him in wound leg. She said she win because his word when he achieved the gold medal. She fell down and Taejoon help her. She said it's not her who leaked the news. jaehee asked him to trust him. Eungyol saw it from far. The dorm 1 accepted the award as the winner. and the party begin(some boy band perform) Seungri congratulate hsi member and welcomed Jaehee as their MVP. the guys lift her up made Jaehee embarassed. Eungyo who talked with Jaehee feel another heart beat again which made him run away. Jaehee saw Hanna's arrival and feel jealous. Hanna asked Eungyol where is Taejoon is. Eungyo feel more weird because he feel flustered by man (jaehee)and got angry by woman (hanna) everyone was avoiding Eungyol who is dancing weirdly mahe him more frustrated. Taejoon who was hiding got into party and drink some thing from the glass Jungmin and Seungri who took the alchohol found out by the teacher and stop them. Seungri told Jungmin taejoon is weak to alcohol. Taejoon who drink one glass got drunk found jaehee and just kiss her. THE END next episode preview: Taejoon was slept after getting drunk while jaehee was in sevent heaven. Eungyol start his competition with Taejoon to get JAehee attention. Taejoon told JAehee he will quit high jump so she should also quit support him. Hanna also start to fell jealous to Jaehee. Next week !!!
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http://www.vingle.net/posts/45699 To The Beautiful You EP 2 Viki Video Link here !!
thanks for the recap...^^
next EP, after Taejoon woke up from got drunk, will he remember what did he do last night!? LOL #tobeautifulyou
darlings I found some screenshots too am posting them here!!! http://www.vingle.net/posts/45634-To-The-Beautiful-You-Korean-Drama-ep-2-Screenshots
:'( nooooo....
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