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Travel Tips For Finding Chalets

Chalets are the Swiss version of a cabin up in the woods or the mountains. It’s supposed to have sloping roofs and be located in the snowy foothills of the Alps - perfect for finding some quiet and quality downtime. During the summer, it gets picture postcard beautiful, with a green carpet of grass, pleasant weather, the snowy peaks looming above and cows roaming around with bells tinkling around their necks.

The Swiss originally used these cabins as seasonal accommodations for farmers, when the cows would be led up from the valleys below. When the harsh winter came near, the cabins would be locked up and the farmers would lead the cows back down to the valley. These days, with ski travelers renting them in the winter, it’s the reverse.

In fact, there are now entire towns and ski resorts in Switzerland where the economy depends largely on chalet rentals. Visitors who rent a chalet enjoy all the outdoorsy pleasures of the Alpine region. This includes skiing and nature exploration. The chalet has traditionally been the preserve of the rich, but it is now a fairly common winter vacation choice.

It may have originated in Switzerland, but the chalet is now a worldwide phenomenon. The term can be loosely applied to most any mountain cabin, snow or no snow. Europe (especially Western Europe), has many ski chalet resorts and luxury chalet rental companies. Vacationers get to choose a chalet from among rows of neatly spaced chalets, all managed by the same company.

The choices for travelers range from luxury to self catered. Self-catered chalets have all the necessary appliances, including quaint ones like wood burning stoves and modern ones like refrigerators and dish-washers. The luxury ones take care of all the cooking, and server up hot breakfasts, home cooked meals, and afternoon tea and other drinks.

The massive growth of the chalet vacation industry has surely taken some of the quaintness and charm out of it, but there are compensations. As mentioned above, the resorts make sure guests have access to all kinds of facilities. Add to this list things like outdoor hot tubs, sauna and log fireplaces. A standard sized chalet can easily house 8 to 10 people in 4-5 rooms, along with the living area and kitchen.

It is usually located close to a village, so there’s no shortage of stores for buying supplies and gear. The village will also have pubs or bars and additional dining options, should the need arise. The resort will also have a staffed office located in one of the chalets or in a building nearby, in case guests need any assistance.

Regardless of the worldwide popularity, Switzerland is still the most popular chalet vacation destination. But for those unable to travel to the Alps, there will surely be alternate mountain springs lodge nearer to home. Games -capped peak and a skiing trail would be nice, and so would a few cows munching on grass in the summer and spring. But if all this isn’t available, just find a lonely log cabin up in the woods or the mountains.

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