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8 Causes of Cats Not Eating and Sleeping

For Parents who have a cat at home may have felt a fur friend suddenly reluctant to eat and sleep only. It turns out that there are various causes that cats do not want to eat and sleep on, you know. It is not always a cat being lazy.
Unlike humans, cats can't talk to tell what they're feeling. As owners, we are the ones who have to proactively examine whether there is something wrong with the beloved fur friend.

1. The Cat Is Sick

Referring to PetsLicious, the cat does not want to eat could be a sign that he is sick. Call it cat flu, diabetes, fever, hyperthyroidism, pancreatitis, kidney problems. In fact, it can happen that the cat feels pain in certain areas of the body.

For this reason, make periodic observations when the cat
it's normal and not as usual. If the cat is usually active and suddenly silent even his body temperature rises, immediately take it to the nearest veterinarian. If needed vet will be examined blood, urine, use ultrasoundataupun x-ray.

2. Food Selector

Who said that only toddlers can choose food, cats can also, you know. If you keep more than 1 cat at home, it may be that his taste for food is different. Even if this happens to the hordes of fur children in my house, the tastes of food are all different.

According to Tony Buffington in the MD website, cats are actually very flexible in trying various foods. The cat's hunting instinct will make him not hesitate to hunt wild animals around him.

So, how to distinguish a sick cat and indeed choose food? Sick cats do not want to eat, weakness and other complaints. Meanwhile, picky cats will only eat certain foods.

As an observation, try deh paw parentsmenyodorkan various types of food brands. The picky cat will stick to certain brands and will not touch other brands. Sounds annoying, but this is reality.

3. Tired of food

Like humans, cats can also be saturated with food. To respond, try to investigate the type of food when it's time to eat. Consistently giving dry food a whole month can make the cat precisely hunger strike.

As a trick, intersperse his diet in everyday life. For example, breakfast schedule serve full dry food, then afternoon combine with wet food. Today, pets are pampered with flavored corned beef that will increase appetite.

Another tip to try is to lure the beloved cat with a snack liquidat the end of the day. This method is powerful to make the cat want to eat again, it does not even rule out the possibility of more portions.

4. Newly Vaccinated

A cat that has just been vaccinated may have a reduced appetite. This is due to the fact that the cat has an allergy to the liquid injected into its body. Don't worry, these vaccination side effects are temporary and not all cats experience them.

The cat's appetite will return to normal after 1-2 days and the cat will be active again. However, if the cat does not want to eat 2 days after the vaccine, tell the vet immediately.

5. Stress and depression

When under stress, it is likely that the cat will not want to eat either. The reasons are various, For example, a new cat has traveled a long way, you have just adopted it so you are not yet used to its new home.

Sean Delaney, DVM, MS in the Cat Watch Newsletter revealed that increased cat stress levels had a significant effect. Starting from not wanting to eat, the cat has constipation, and even impaired body immunity.

To get around this, give food that smells strong so that there is food coming in. Give him regular drinks to keep him hydrated.

6. Disteril

Despite the polemic among animal lovers, not a few paw parentyang decided to do sterile cat. This method is to control the cat population and prevent disease in the reproductive organs.

Well when this sterile, the cat will experience a phase of reluctant to eat due to the following:

An anesthetic effect after surgery that makes the cat nauseous. It can take at least up to 36 hours after surgery for the anesthetic to escape from the cat's body system.
The pain is mainly in the abdomen.
Wearing a cat collar (Elizabeth collar). Cat Collar is a safety device shaped like a funnel that is installed post-operative sterile so that the cat does not lick the wound after surgery. A cat who wears an E-collar for the first time is definitely uncomfortable and ends up not wanting to eat
The cat is still in the stage of self-adjustment after the operation.

Don't worry, the cat will return to normal 2 to 3 days after. In some cases, domestic cats recover faster post-sterile than cats of certain breeds.

7. Cat Age Is Old

Similar to humans, the anatomy of a cat's body will decrease with age. Starting from the sense of smell, movement, to digestion. Do not be surprised if in this phase, the cat does not want to eat.

It is noteworthy that senior cats are also prone to health problems, including problems with teeth and gums, arthriticwhich makes cats lazy to move, as well as kidneys that begin to weaken.

For those of you who have a senior cat, it is recommended to check the cat's health regularly. Getting older, senior cats need extra care such as certain foods and higher feeding grounds to make eating easier.

8. Problem Areas Of The Mouth

The presence of problems in the mouth can also be the cause of the cat does not want to eat and sleep constantly. There could be a tooth that has fallen out, a lesion expands, a broken tooth, gingivitis, gum abscess or others.

This problem in the mouth area is what makes the cat pain and difficulty swallowing its food. As a result, the cat becomes unappetizing and chooses to sleep constantly.

That's why you should check your cat's teeth and gums. Healthy gums are pink and damp, the teeth are also not hollow or have dirt attached.

Well so already know the cause of the cat does not want to eat and sleep on. Do not hesitate to check the cat to the vet for a long life.
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