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Taking the little ones to the grocery store with you? Why not turn your trip into a reading scavenger hunt! In the produce section, read your shopping list aloud. "We need peppers today. What sound does pepper start with?" Hand your baby the pepper, then be silly, and repeat that "puh" sound--"p-p-p-p-p-peppers!" Help children with letter recognition. As you roll your cart down the cereal aisle, ask them to point out 3 letter Os, or 4 Ss. Make word cards for emerging readers, and see if they can match them: beef, bread, water, rice--short words you know will appear on signage or labels. For more fluent readers, turn over your grocery list and let them tell YOU what you need. Write a few ridiculous things on the list to make it more fun--a list that includes a baby gorilla will definitely keep your child reading! Using tips like this will make the grocery shopping more enjoyable for everyone while boosting your child's literacy skills, and it won't cost a penny more at the checkout counter!
Plus your kid will look and sounds adorable, so maybe you'll get a few free samples :)
really useful :-)
This is a great way to keep the little ones captivated while you shop as well! No one likes a crying child in the aisles, and this can keep their mood happy!
@onesmile, especially if you let them pick some things out.
Nice idea! I wonder if kids taught this way will learn to love all different foods as well, since they'll be more exposed to them from start-to-finish (or store-to-stomach!)