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With her father’s death, it seems revenge and personal despair will be driving Hye Won to make a full cross-over into villainy, and among the things she’ll be checking off her wicked list is harming those important to Yoon Kang. So, Soo In is prime target, and this week, the strong-willed Hye Won instills fear in her old friend by pointing a gun at her head. As she holds the gun with unshakable coldness, Hye Won’s irresistible eyes are ablaze with anger. How far will Hye Won take this threat? Will Soo In be saved by her hero? Choi Won Shin’s death will also have repercussions politically, creating more danger for Yoon Kang and his allies. Check out the text preview below for more info! pisode 15 Written Preview (c/o andy78 & jan82 from Soompi) After receiving the news of Choi Won Shin’s death, the Sugu faction begins to secretly plan to remove Gojong from the throne. Meanwhile, during the course of his confrontations with the Sugu faction, Yoon Kang gradually becomes famous amongst the ordinary people of the city. And he and his companions begin a dangerous and daring plan to get close to the leader of the Sugu faction, Lord Kim …
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This drama is going by way too fast!!