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If you're planning a trip, there are lots of ways to involve your young readers! ~ For car trips, print a Google map and have your fluent readers give you the directions. Ask them to tell you how many miles before your next turn. For older kids, have them create a custom Google map, adding restaurants to try, or points of interest they want to visit. ~ Are you heading to a beach, the desert, or the mountains? Grab a nature guide. The Golden Nature Guides are pocket sized, very reasonably priced and have an irresistible appeal to emerging and fluent readers. Let them choose their focus--a bird guide? Or maybe one on the night sky? Plan an activity around their interest. ~ Look for kids' travel guides. Have your child pick out their top three sites. Appoint her as the expert for that part of your trip. Let her play tour guide. ~ Search your library for children's books set where you're traveling. We loved re-reading The Thief Lord before we visited Venice. Madeline for Paris, Paddington Bear for London--there are plenty more! ~ Instead of looking for books about the places you'll visit, how about planning a trip around books? Our neighbor took her daughter on a whirlwind tour based on the Little House on the Prairie books. Definitely a memory to treasure! ~ Teach emerging readers to study signs, especially the universal ones for parking, bathrooms, exits, etc. They can read a lot by learning those! These are just a few ways to motivate readers. Whether you're taking a day trip to a nearby city, or planning an extended vacation in another country, keep your child engaged and reading while doing so. Bon Voyage!
Great ideaa--I especially want to plan a literature vacation. But maybe just for me...
I'm jealous of that Little House on the Prairie trip you mentioned!
I'd like to tour around England and visit all the settings of books I've read over the years...someday!