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Are We There Yet? Reading Tips for Travelers
If you're planning a trip, there are lots of ways to involve your young readers! ~ For car trips, print a Google map and have your fluent readers give you the directions. Ask them to tell you how many miles before your next turn. For older kids, have them create a custom Google map, adding restaurants to try, or points of interest they want to visit. ~ Are you heading to a beach, the desert, or the mountains? Grab a nature guide. The Golden Nature Guides are pocket sized, very reasonably priced and have an irresistible appeal to emerging and fluent readers. Let them choose their focus--a bird guide? Or maybe one on the night sky? Plan an activity around their interest. ~ Look for kids' travel guides. Have your child pick out their top three sites. Appoint her as the expert for that part of your trip. Let her play tour guide. ~ Search your library for children's books set where you're traveling. We loved re-reading The Thief Lord before we visited Venice. Madeline for Paris, Paddington Bear for London--there are plenty more! ~ Instead of looking for books about the places you'll visit, how about planning a trip around books? Our neighbor took her daughter on a whirlwind tour based on the Little House on the Prairie books. Definitely a memory to treasure! ~ Teach emerging readers to study signs, especially the universal ones for parking, bathrooms, exits, etc. They can read a lot by learning those! These are just a few ways to motivate readers. Whether you're taking a day trip to a nearby city, or planning an extended vacation in another country, keep your child engaged and reading while doing so. Bon Voyage!
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Great ideaa--I especially want to plan a literature vacation. But maybe just for me...
I'd like to tour around England and visit all the settings of books I've read over the years...someday!