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This is such a great series! Science fiction mash-ups of fairy tales, this first book tells the story of Cinder, the cyborg who falls in love with the prince who walks into her robot repair shop. Scarlet and Cress introduce Little Red Riding Hood and Rapunzel, and the fourth and final book will feature Snow White. Highly recommended for 6th grade and up, there's enough action to grab male readers, too, so don't hesitate to recommend them!
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@chandnip804, what a great combination of degrees! I look forward to seeing your collections here on Vingle:)
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Thank you! I do aspire to work in a library in the future as well. And I haven't started my collection yet. I will definitely want to see what other books are reading as well.
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By the way, we never introduced ourselves. My name is Chandni. What is yours @LibraryLady?
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I'm Mary, Chandi. Nice to "meet" you!
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Nice to meet you, Mrs. Mary. I hope to stay in touch with you.
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