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경영자들이 빅데이터에 대해 공통적으로 얘기하는 5가지

데이터를 사용하는 방법도 달라지고 더 복잡해 졌고 더 빠른 분석을 원하고 더 많은 조직이 데이터에 접근했으면 하고 더 쉽게 시각적으로 파악했으면 한다 The way we use data is different than it was five years ago. Then, most of us were using data for business intelligence reporting on past activity. Now we’ve moved to a fact-based decision making culture, so people are relying on data more for making decisions, not just for evaluating past decisions. What we’re asking of data today is more complex than it was five years ago. Need a few examples? Now we ask data to support risk decisions in financial organizations, to support fraud for online retailers, and to deal with predictive modeling to better understand customers’ likelihood to buy products in the future or if they will continue to be your customers at all. More of our employees want access to data than ever before. That’s a good thing. It means we’re making decisions based on facts at all levels of the organization. They want answers faster than before too. If more user want data and we rely on data to make more decisions, we soon see that everyone wants it quicker too. The opportunities for pleasing customers, reducing risk and preventing fraud are all greater when you can make real-time decisions with data. They want the data in a format they can quickly understand and share with others. Data visualization has become hot. As we deal with large amounts of data, visualization can help us intuitively discern patterns we might not otherwise notice. Once discovered, visualization also makes it easy to explore further or dig into deeper.
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