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At the weekend I went on a day trip to Jeonju with one of my close friends from university in London. I actually visited Jeonju with my sister last Autumn while filming the "Taste of Korea" documentary with National Geographic. We had a fantastic time and ate lots of delicious food so I was really looking forwards to going back! As foreigners, we were able to take advantage of the free shuttle bus that runs between Seoul and Jeonju. Normally the bus departs from near Gwanghwamun Plaza but due to the Pope's visit, the location was changed to Seoul station. We were up bright and early on Saturday morning as we had to be at Seoul Station by 7:30am. We arrived in good time and the bus departed right on schedule at 8:00am. The journey to Jeonju takes approximately three hours with good traffic including a short stop in the Jeongan rest station. We used our time at the Jeongan rest station to get some breakfast; coffee and manjoo! (Not to be confused with mandu, manjoo are small pastries served hot and filled with vanilla cream custard - they're delicious!) Before long we were back on the bus and headed towards our final destination.
really nicccceee thankuuu 4 sharinggg :-)♥
you should do more about your experiences of travelling around in China!
@saharhyunjoong no problem thanks so much for following me!