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I can't believe it's only been two months or so since I was in feels like a year at least! I already miss it so much! ㅠㅠ I think I'll have to start planning another trip back to Tokyo soon... Photo: Aug 2013
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@mystory12 I haven't travelled to South America at all or the Middle East or Africa...goodness, so much of the world left to see. I've travelled quite extensively in Asia now but by the end of 2015, I'm hoping to tick Russia, Vietnam, Iran, Thailand and Malaysia off my list...we shall have to see!
Oi, I miss Japan! My hubby and I lived in Yokohama for just over 2 years about a decade ago. I can NOT think of a cooler place to live. I also can't watch Lost in Translation without getting a lump of nostalgia in my throat! Would love to go back, but wonder if it's an experience best left as a wonderful memory. After all, there are so many other places to see yet!
I love to go to japan one day
@Lezle - You should! If you go, you must go when the cherry blossoms are in bloom OR during New Years. Both times are the most magical in my opinion. Japan is extremely expensive for travel, so just save up a lot in advance so you don't feel limited while there. Also, if you're only able to go to one spot, make it TOKYO!!!! I'd love to hear about your travels if you wind up going!
one of my dreams, is to visit Tokyo.