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Precautions for The Lye Method of Dipping Pretzels
Lye is a dangerous chemical, so you must take precautions! First, wear rubber household gloves that cover your forearms. Do not let lye water splash on you. Don't touch the dipped pretzels until after they are baked (which removes the dangerous properties of the lye!). Consider goggles, especially if you're prone to splashes! When making the solution, do it in a well ventilated room with your hood vent on high power. Don't stay right over the pot's steam. After baking the pretzels, pop the door open and let the steam escape before leaning in (or, where goggles). How to make the lye solution: http://www.vingle.net/posts/455116-Lye-Solution-for-Soft-Pretzels
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