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By 11am we pulled into the parking lot next to the Hanok Village in Jeonju. We were let loose by our tour guide who made us promise to be back by the bus at 4:45pm - it gave me a feeling reminiscent of being back on school trips in the older years of secondary school when you're actually trusted to go our on your own!! We didn't need telling twice - we were off! We headed off for a wander around the Hanok village before deciding it was time for an early lunch! Since we both love makgeolli, we popped into the tourist centre to ask for some recommendations for a good makgeolli restaurant in the area. The lady told us that in the north of the Jeolla province, makgeolli is almost considered a food rather than an alcohol. It is usually served in a large metal kettle and accompanied by a vast array of side dishes....which sounded perfect! She gave us a map of not one but seven(!) makgeolli towns in Jeonju. Since we were getting quite hungry by that point, we looked up the ones nearest to us and went off in search of food. I did a bit of searching online and one of the restaurants had live octopus(산낙지), not to mention a whole range of different kinds of makgeolli! My friend Hanieh and I really wanted to try the live octopus so we decided to give it a go...but when we arrived, they told us they'd changed the menu so we left. Somewhat disappointed, we went and had a look at the menus of some of the other makgeolli restaurants but we weren't particularly impressed. Just as we were about to give up, we found a little place tucked away down a side street called 천년능리 봄. The best thing about this place was that it is run by the over-60s in the community to give them a job and a small source of income so not only could we enjoy a delicious meal but we could feel good knowing that we were helping out too! The food there was just amazing. We ordered one kettle of makgeolli (which was huge) and with it came an assortment of side dishes. "Side dishes?" I hear you say. Yup - side dishes but there were so many of them, it easily equated to a meal- and a very filling one at that. Everything came to a very respectable 20,000KRW which between the two of us was not much at all. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this place so check sure to check it out if you're travelling to Jeonju!
@mystory12 makgeoli is a Korean traditional drink. It's a fermented rice wine...and it tastes great!
what exactly is makgeoli? I've seen you mention it a few times...seems like you have a really enjoyable day
helping people and enjoying great food, it sounds like a fab afternoon out