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Ice cream is a great treat, but who says there has to be any dairy involved? Lactose intolerant and non-dairy folk rejoice!! Here's a few ideas for dairy-less ice cream :) 1. Freeze Your Fruit 2. Blend Almond Milk Check out the benefits of almond milk here: 3. Choose Full Fat Coconut Milk 4. Go Nuts Check out the benefits of adding more nuts to your diet: 5. Sprinkle Fruit Juice and Powder 6. Thicken With Tofu Check out other low-calorie super foods here:
Love almond milk!! Great ideas :)
Coconut milk ice cream changed my life!!
I've definitely tried that silken tofu trick and loved it!
These sound so delicious, I love frozen fruit smoothies and adding some tofu to thicken it sounds really creative. Definitely giving that one a try.