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Lee Joon Gi and Shin Min Ah emerged as the victors over the idol stars Minho and Sulli. According to AGB Nielsen Media Research on August 16, the first episode of MBC’s Arang and the Magistrate, which aired on August 15, recorded 13.3 percent in viewership ratings. The number was 4.2 percent higher than the 9.1 percent for the last episode of the drama’s predecessor, Kim Sun Ah and Lee Jang Woo’s I Do I Do. With this record Arang and the Magistrate is on its way to a great success. The piece especially gathered interest for being Lee Joon Gi’s comeback piece after his release from the army, and the attention it gathered from female viewers showed when ratings for females turned out to be the highest. Most of the viewers were women in their 30s, with 15 percent ratings in that group alone. Arang and the Magistrate’s ratings were about two times higher than those of SBS’ To the Beautiful You, which also aired its first episode on the same day at the same time. To the Beautiful You, which stars the idol singers f(x)’s Sulli and SHINee’s Minho, recorded moderate ratings of 7.4 percent. The first episode of Arang and the Magistrate showed how Arang (Shin Min Ah) asked the magistrate Eun Oh (Lee Joon Gi) to uncover the secret behind her death. Viewers said they were enamored by Lee Joon Gi’s acting, Shin Min Ah’s bounciness and how the two also looked great together. In the meantime KBS2’s Bridal Mask defended its throne with 19.4 percent viewership ratings. Photo credit: MBC
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