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"But what Mary did not realize, was that at that time, it was no longer possible to seclude oneself in the desert, for the desert was full of all kinds of cults and sects. Many of these people were outlaws, others were looking for some mystical truth, all of them were sick of the ways of the Roman culture." "So what did he do? " "He talked to everyone and he listened to them. He discussed with them all kinds of ideas and thoughts about this world and its faith, and about what is beyond this world. For a whole month, this is what he did, day and night. And then he came back to us, but he was different." "Different? in what way? " "He looked like he discovered a deep truth but he wasn't, as you might expect, at ease with it. At times he would seem to us like a lost child... and then, a week after he came back, he told us that he have made an important decision, and that before he will speak to all of us, he wants to speak to Judas Iscariot alone. "
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Finally finally catching up on this-- Thanks @orenshani7