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So Orange Caramel have definitely continued with their so-far-successful streak of addictive, repetitive dance tracks. This track doesn't really show us anything new from the girls; it makes no effort to showcase their vocal or dance talents and I have to admit, I'm starting to get a little bit bored of their tracks, aren't you? I feel like this is something I'll download, listen to ten times and then never listen to again. On top of that, while I love the stripy red shirts, I'm not too fond of the lingerie shirts they were..thought those were a bit weird. Still, the shirts showcase their legs well enough and damn - I'd kill for legs like theirs! Overall, the video is a bit of good fun but nothing special. What do you all think?
Love it!! @scarletmermaid
@jaminwithyou orange caramel does it again!! They're so freaking cute!
I'm not normally a big fan of Orange Caramel but I really like this track!
Their figures are amazing ㅜㅜ so jealous!
I love everything that Orange Caramel touches lol
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