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And finally, KARA returns. Following the dramatic departure of Nicole and Jiyoung and the build up created through the KARA project show which saw the selection of new member, Youngji, KARA is finally back with their new summer track 'Mamma Mia'. A lot of fans have left comments on the video page saying that the song 'no longer sounds like KARA' and that 'without Nicole's and Jiyoung's vocals, the whole style is gone'. Obviously with two of the main members leaving, the sound of the group is going to change. Youngji has consistently come under fire since the release for being 'not much better than a back up dancer' - but as a number of fans reasonably pointed out, if Youngji had had as many parts of her seniors, she would have been criticised for that as well so it seems the poor girl can't win. Personally, the song was nothing special. I do think it was better than 'Damaged Lady' but not enough to compete with other recent releases.
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So weird to see a new group, good luck to them though!
@honeysoo I know what you mean...is it me or does YoungJi look ever so slightly like Jiyoung?
I keep looking and expecting to see Nicole and Jiyoung.. so weird @honeysoo what did you make of the track?