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We've all seen videos of these crazy-jumping fish before, but I've never seen one as funny as this one! They are getting smacked right and left with the carp, that are likely jumping due to the vibrations but put by the boats motor. Is this easy fishing, or cheating?
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Imagine the same thing in a kayak.....I've had boats go by when I don't even realize there are carp about and they start leaping. Im glad I can't trigger them on my own
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@mcgraffy @caricakes theyre a definite pain! @yakwithalan Thats a bit careless of the boaters, though I do know its hard to know where they'll be.
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@happyrock yeah I understand that but also just find it annoying. not that important, though.
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Even time I see this I want to stick to only bank fishing :(
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@happyrock @fallingwater If they hit me on the bank, I'd be laughing too hard.
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