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minoz! i hope minho does? click next to see other pictures like share! post comments below... i hope minho see our concern comments...
@Nonabisi I will start tonight!
@StephiiKins agree we should
@Nonabisi as far as I know he only smokes occasionally. however, I have seen in recent pics from California of him smoking. it was only 1 or 2 pics though. we must have faith that Oppa will quit. I think we all need to band together and pray for his health and for him to quit smoking!
omo i thought he smoked ocassionaly please oppa quit smoking please we love you a lot and want you to always be healthy
these pictures are from the past but he is still smoking. he knows that it's bad for his health and he does want to quit. Min Ho also knows that him smoking upsets his fans so he is trying to quit and he hides it as much as he can. it breaks my heart seeing him with a cancer stick. ***Message to Lee Min Ho: PLEASE STOP SMOKING! I KNOW IT'S HARD BUT I ALSO KNOW THAT IT CAN BE DONE!!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH AND DON'T WANT TO SEE YOUR LIFE SHORTENED BECAUSE OF THIS HORRIBLE ADDICTION!!!!!***
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