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Next Innovation receives an order to cease operations. Asahina, Hyuga, and Yamagami stay at the office, and under the threat of bankruptcy, in the discussions of how to obtain the necessary funds even Hyuga has lost his usual arrogance. At that time, Asahina tells Hyuga that his confession of feelings for Makoto was rejected by her. The employees who have been told to take an extended vacation return to the office. Makoto goes to Hyuga’s office , and the first words that reach her when she opens the door is “lying woman”. Makoto realizes that Hyuga is talking about her not answering the phone and she apologizes to him. But Hyuga then remembers that when Makoto returned his call, he was embracing Yoko, so he acts awkward with her. Makoto tells Hyuga that he may have a lot of enemies, but he also has a lot of allies like herself. Even if she’s just exaggerating, she wants to reassure him at this time. Hearing this, Hyuga is comforted and he decides to sell all his shares and use the cash as compensation to the 500,000 people whose personal data was leaked. Hyuga tells Asahina about his plans and Asahina apologizes for doubting his methods before. Hyuga has the support of Asahina and he vows to rebuild the company. At that time, Makoto receives the notice from a large pharmaceutical company that she has been offered employment. She’s ecstatic about the sudden job offer, but sad that she will need to leave Hyuga’s side. Later in the night when she is alone with Hyuga, she confesses that she wants to stay by his side and work with him. Hyuga responds…….. Hmmm, so did he do it with Yoko or not???
@pnhq: I think Eric already subbed most of ep 7 preview in ep 6 sub but I will put up some screenshots of the preview and we can discuss and predict what's gonna happen there ;)
@somnia, will u do translation for ep 7 video preview?
waahhhh.. hope not!! will hyuga let her stay by his side or push her to take the opportunity offered to her at a oharmaceutical co.? we'll have to wait on monday for ep 7....^^