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"What's it like to motorcycle solo through Iran as a woman?" While I can't say I've personally given this question much thought, when I saw the article this morning, I was certainly intrigued. British travel writer Lois Pryce motorcycled 3,000 miles through Iran on her own. At the end of her adventure, she declared Iran to be a nation divided between an authoritarian regime and friendly, welcoming people. Her story is an inspiring one and most definitely worth a read. You can also check out a short clip from her documentary.
A lot of my family is Persian and they have actually ridden a fair share of the country on motorcycles! I wonder how their stories are different.
It's unfortunate that foreigners get such special treatment. I wonder how Iranian women felt seeing this woman freely riding through their country simply because she was not of Iranian background.
@sohpiamor that would perhaps explain it although I'm still surprised they were allowed. Even just looking Iranian would warrant the police to constantly stop them and request ID... still, if there were able to do it, good for them!! I'd love to hear their opinions
@funkystar25 Hmmm they're definitely girls but maybe because they have US citizenship now? I'll have to ask them!
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