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4 Year Old's Reaction to Mountain Biking
Malcolm is 4 years old and apparently he LOVES mountain biking. Just listening to his commentary brings back the memory of being a kid and finding so much enjoyment in things. Just watch Malcolm ride for a little, I am sure you won't be disappointed. In a lot of ways, I fee like Malcolm talks the way adults think while riding a bicycle. We are all truly just kids having the time of our lives!
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"I'm doing it!! I loved it" This is great!! He's really only 4?!
3 years ago·Reply
If everyone loved what they were doing this much, I think we'd all be a little happier!
3 years ago·Reply
Isn't that great! That kid has more guts then I do now!
3 years ago·Reply
"i dont have to pee"
3 years ago·Reply
This is so sweet, I'm glad the dad is able to share this with his son
3 years ago·Reply