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Our homes are extensions of our souls: the vibrant oil painting of a French villa hanging in the dining room, the tattered couch stained by a child’s bowl of ice cream in the den, the dead, blackened peace lily on an empty bookshelf. Write about the home you were raised in. Focus on the decorations, the furniture, and the items that reveal the most about the people who lived among them. In our homes, everything means something.
"The home that witnessed our love in every shape." This line is so touching @moya23
It was my mom's home. The home that my mom and I spend much of our time together. The home that my mom and I shared our laugh,tears,yells,hugs and everything. The home that witnessed our love in every shape. It was just a small house with 4 rooms. The paint was creme gave the serenity. It had a small porch with many plants. My mom loved plants very much. Flower with various colors. We liked just to sit on the porch played with our dog or cat. Our favorite point was our room. Actually, we have 2 different rooms but those are connecting room. Yeah, my mom couldn stay away from me. I was in the college even had already worked but I still have the connecting room :) . I did protest my mom but what could I do. But, I loved that finally. I could sneak and surprised my mom by walked in quietly. That was really fun but sometimes I felt guilty eventhough she wast just smiled and didn't get angry. The connecting room just kees our many priceless moment. Now, the home has been gone with the memories. I'm living in a new house which I hope could be my home with brand new story.