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Here is a peculiar paceline accident. A rider sees he is about to be overtaken while on the right side of the group. He slows down and in an attempt to drop back, the cyclists points out and then suddenly jerks to the left. However, because the cyclists in front had slowed so much the rider behind him began overlapping his back wheel. When the the cyclist jumped out from the paceline to the left, the rear cyclist was taken out. The crash caused a few others to go down as well. My question to you is, who is in the wrong? The lead cyclist? The one that fell? Maybe both?
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They hit wheels.. Looks like when he jerked left to move over he lost his momentum and drifted back into the guys wheel , or had not waited long enough for the other guy to slow down to move over..things were moving at a pretty good pace... personal opinion the guy in the silver/blue bike should of backed off and let things clear a little to move over.. Hope all that were in the accident were ok.. ouch
The biggest issue is the lead guy keeps going after he see the guy go down. May be he came back, but if not, all I have to say is stay away from my group rides.
Lane switcher is 100 percent at fault. Broke rule No. 1 of group riding: No sudden moves. Overtaking rider backed off the gas, but squirrel jerk, did not make sure the hole was clear. Oblivious booby prize goes to rider Number 1. A clear threat to himself and others. Would be banned from my rides until proven otherwise.
What a mess, hope no one was hurt!
Is it just me or is the lead guys fork HELLA bent!