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Putting In Minecraft 2.0 In The New Launcher

An incredible job by the Mojang group for an April Fools joke, and awesomely enjoyable to play at instances when Minecraft 1.6.Four with the Dalek mod will not be silly sufficient.
Note that 2.Zero is Mojang's version of an April Fools joke!
Now all of the tutorials on how to put in 2.Zero are largely for older versions (e.g. before minecraft 1.6.1), so i assumed to myself: "how can i do that?"

In the future (i.g. In the present day) I experimented on downloading minecraft 1.5.1 in the brand new launcher and putting in 2.0 in that listing. And it labored! so right here is the right way to do it:
Step 1
Begin by downloading 2.0, as a result of it isn't supported by Mojang it's free! :D But also for a similar purpose, it is not on the Minecraft website. D:

Not to worry although, that is what YouTube is for!

If you'd like the completely different versions here is the information for all of them. Like maybe you need the super hardcore mode!

Step 2
so now that you've got downloaded it go to your launcher choose "Edit Profile" and download 1.5.1.

Step 3
Now exit minecraft and get to your versions folder in .minecraft (please watch a video on YouTube if you don't understand how).
Copy the folder known as "1.5.1" (with out quotes) and call the copy "2.0" (without quotes).

Step 4
Open the 2.Zero obtain zip file and put "minecraft.jar" into the new "2.0" folder (both with out quotes)

Step 5
Delete "1.5.1.jar"
Rename the recordsdata so that:
"minecraft.jar" turns into "2.0.jar"
"1.5.1.json" becomes "2.0.json"
(all with out quotes).

Step 6
Open "2.0.json" with notepad++
and edit line 2 like so:

"id": "2.0",

it ought to initially be:

"id": "1.5.1",

All you must change is the numbers between the quotes. and go away the quotes this time!
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