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SHINee’s Jong Hyun recently took a picture with volleyball player Kim Yeon Kyung. On August 15, Jong Hyun tweeted a picture with the comment, “Thank you for the picture! You did a good job! I have an athlete friend!” On the same day, Kim also tweeted the same picture with the comment, “With SHINee’s Jong Hyun.” The picture was taken when the two attended the ‘National Festival’ on August 14. In the picture, Kim and Jong Hyun are intimately posing for the camera. The two stars continued commenting each other. Kim, who are two years older than Jong Hyun said, “I’m not your friend, I’m your older sister.” Then Jong Hyun made people laugh by saying, “Older sister, sleep tight. Bow.” Since Kim is 192 centimeters tall, Jong Hyun made his fans smile again by saying, “I’m actually two meters tall but I folded my knees. Kim will be surprised at my height if I stand up straight. I’m just keep folding my knees so I don’t surprise everyone.” People responded: “Jong Hyun is cute.” “A singer and a volleyball player have become friends.”
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So cut Oppa <3