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According to the website Koreaboo, Super Junior's Siwon was challenge to do the Ice Bucket Challenge to bring awareness for the ALS disease. And just recently Siwon posted a photo on his Twitter account thanking Hong Kong for helping me complete it. Although he was not the only one who was challenge to do it, there were other stars mention by singer Tim and Brian; one of them being G-Dragon! Will he accept the challenge? Not to mention just recently they stated that G-Dragon donated 81.8 million won to the Seungil Hope Foundation. You can read more about it on this link: http://blog.koreaboo.com/post/95088431053/big-bangs-g-dragon-donates-81-8-million-won-to-seungil So what do you guys think? Will the Ice Bucket Challenge become a viral thing in Korea like it did in the US or will it die down quick? Leave any comments or thoughts below! Peace! :)
Oh god wet tshirt siwon, oh NO
Its spreading to Korea ahhhhhhh
Poor siwon oppa
It's great to see the ALS challenge has crossed borders- it's such an important cause