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Parking solution for all riders
Bicyclick- lightweight device for bike parking. Check out this video on youtube. pretty cool!
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Love the wall mount! I'd probably buy one
3 years ago·Reply
BikeSnob the road bike attachment is indeed a bit different, even more elegant then the mountain bike if you ask me (you can see it in the film), they both work with the same wall mount. TeamWaffles you can get one on kickstarter. Thanks everybody for the comments :)
3 years ago·Reply
KickStarter, meet kick stand I'm sure you've heard of each other.
3 years ago·Reply
Oh...good invention^^ I wanna buy that one^^
3 years ago·Reply
Hi guys, we have added 2 new early bird rewards. you can get your own bicyclick for 17$. Thanks for sharing and for commenting!
3 years ago·Reply