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I like that coaches are having a "social media" talk with student athletes, but I wish they'd address the behaviors the students are tweeting about! If all they're doing is not sharing on social media, they're still not the kind of kids you want on your team, are they? This would be a great article to share with students for argumentative writing.
I cam understand wanting privacy online, but not to hide things about yourself from people actually in your real life @kristenadams. @LibraryLady I hope these kinds of talks become more common!
Exactly, @kristenadams!
Kids don't understand how visible their actions are to EVERYONE if they put it online. A lot of my friends in college changed their facebook names so they couldnt be found when applying for internships. My thoughts were 'why do you have stuff you dont want your future employer to see on the internet?!"
@caricakes, I remember that being an issue at our high school. I'm not sure that's the lesson we want kids to learn:/
A lot of my friends started Twitters specifically for college scouts. They'd only post nice things :)