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Why should mom have all the fun? So many people belong to book clubs now. Some of my friends are reading three books a month, just for that monthly get-together. Why not get a book club together for your kids? It doesn't have to be the same title--a genre book club where kids share their favorites would be as much fun. The point of book club is the party, isn't it? So let your kids come up with a theme for their club, invite some friends to join, and talk about books over snacks and dessert. A Harry Potter club could have all kinds of magical snacks. Girly girls might love a tea party each month. Pizza and dessert for a graphic novel group, a cookbook club where everyone brings something he cooked--the choices are limitless! The idea of sharing about books while enjoying food and drink with friends can motivate most reluctant readers. And remember, keep it fun--no punishment for not finishing the book. You want to associate reading with fun activities, and let the kids involved direct the club as much as possible. Give it a try, and you might find yourself starting a book club with the parents of the kids' club participants!
Heck, I'D love a tea party book club!!
My sons' school had a "battle of the books" competition. To prepare for it, we had this kind of book club where we helped kids understand and enjoy the books that would show up in the competition.
@peppermintt, I know! when I typed that suggestion, I immediately pictured one for adults--we could read British fiction:)
@greggr, I'd like to do battle of the books at my school. We're just getting so big, it's hard to do anything like that!