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kekeke loveeee this drama they are all so cute!!! Here are some screenshots I found for you guys! I'll refresh as the episode goessss 1. Sulli and Min Ho hold hands *swoooon* Min Ho thinks Sulli is his mom in his dream though, which makes it kinda warped :X 2. keke scene in their house, Sulli gets the full toilet treatment with the boys peeing and pooping in front of her. SUPER FUNNY! 3. Taejoong Taejoong Taejoong. loveee 4. oh nooo.... Sulli does sports but OOPS!!! 5. loving the blosssoming side romance............ 6. Taejoon gets angry, but Sulli doesnt deserve this misdirected anger! 7. Look at Taejoon's face of worryyyyy. Ah. First love. 8. CAMEO!!! keke EXO wooot! 9. my last shot - KISSSS ============================================== leave a comment and let me know I AM NOT ALONEEEE
hello hello. anyone there. poke poke poke.
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ur not alone, everyone is probably glued to the live stream though. thanx for the screencaps!
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wahaha keke hello kychung313 MUACKS.
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