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It is impossible to delve into the Paris scene without acknowledging street artist André and his iconic character Mr. A. Since André first created Mr. A in the late 90s, both have seen a considerable amount of success. Some might remember André from the 2010 Banksy documentary "Exit Through The Gift Shop". Others might recognize Mr. A's face from a collaboration with fashion designer Louis Vuitton earlier this year. Here are some of my favorite places Mr. A's popped up, taking his punk meets whimsy aesthetic all over the globe!
I've never been to Paris, but now I want to go seek him out!
I haven't been back to Paris since I was young so I don't remember seeing this, but I'll keep my eye out next time (hopefully sooner than later!!)
What a fun little character! There is an artist in my town that uses a hideous gorilla-like face. Not quite as appealing as Mr.A