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Boy Catches 31# Bass after Lessons from Dad!
This is probably the best father son fishing video I have ever come across on Youtube. I've seen some videos of parents being too patronizing, or too harsh, or just not very nice to their kids while out fishing, but this dad is the perfect balance of "teacher" and "friend." And, his lessons pay of big! Listen to that drag while the kid pulls in a huge 31# fish! I love that the dad helps his son but only in a supporting role: the kid gets the big fish for himself.
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This is so touching!! I feel like even though I can hear the dads patience running thin, he manages to say nothing that isnt instructional or encouraging. amazing catch and dad!!
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@fallingwater Yeah I thought so, too. The dad manages to be the right level of instructive and patient. Really impressive.
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@mcgraffy He definitely gets the best fishing dad award today :)
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@fallingwater For sure! I hope that as my boys get older they might enjoy a lesson like this was well. Definitely can learn a thing or two from him.
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