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If there's one thing that Jeonju is renowned for apart from bibimbap and the hank village, it is Korean paper Hanji. Hanji (한지, 韓紙) is the name for traditional handmade Korean paper. The Korean traditional paper made from the bark of mulberry trees is dyed and designed into an array of vibrant colors or ancient scripts. Hanji can be made into almost anything: lamps, socks and even neckties. There is even a Hanji Museum in Jeonju. Unfortunately we didn't have time to visit it but that's on my to-do list for next time! My friend and I picked up a sheet each of the beautiful paper - we were slightly taken aback by how cheap it was. The price per sheet varied from just 1,000원 to 2,500원...
@funkystar25, can you go by train? I would like to see more of Korea than Seoul, but I don't think I should drive, since I can't read--or speak--Korean!
@spudsomma It isn't actually in Seoul, it's in a city called Jeonju which is a three hour / three and a half hour drive from Seoul :)
I hope I can find this when I return to Seoul.someday. I use this paper in the back of my bookcases for a spot of color.
I've heard the techniques they use are very similar to the ones used by the Japanese
the paper is really exquisite, I can't believe it was so cheap!