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8 Everyday Things That May Cause Cancer
We still have no idea what exactly is at the root of this deadly disease, but various studies have narrowed down everyday things to avoid to lower your risk. 1. Processed Meats 2. Popcorn Bags 3. Farmed Salmon 4. Potato Chips 5. Alcohol 6. UV Radiation 7. Diesel Engine Exhaust 8. Parabens
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The gas fumes may be out of our control sometimes, but all of these foods are choices we make for ourselves.
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Air popped popcorn tastes so much better too! Just a little olive oil and salt and I'm a happy girl!
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*changes in RNA, not DNA. Specifically, the expression of H1R mRNA in both HNECs and HMMECs. In simpler terms, diesel exhaust may exasperate allergies.
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