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100 Chapter Books You Can Read to Your Children
I don't like the command of the title of this article. I don't think there is a canon of books that you have to read to your child, but this list does contain some great books. Try a few out that you remember enjoying, but pay attention to your child's clues. If he's restless and bored, suggest trying a different book. Remember, it's for him, not you:) If you keep at this, you'll see a pattern for what your child likes, and it will help you choose more books. Don't judge--if all she wants are Junie B. Jones books, check out a big stack from the library and read every night. Don't forget the audiobook option, too! A bedtime ritual of listening to 30 minutes of a book together can be relaxing for both of you. Just be sure to stay awake until the end of your reading time together!
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